Okay. I must admit that I just purchased my first Carlson product and I'm pretty happy so far. But I'd like to export my files out in a CSV format as my draftsman runs a program which imports them well, but for some reason...doesn't import txt files. I've tried exporting the file in many different formats, but the CSV files have worked the most seemless. I haven't yet invested in the Carlson program because I wasn't sure if I would like Carlson itself. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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.CSV files are Comma Separated Values...

Change the file extension (.csv) to .txt and you have your text file. It works in reverse also.

Carlson does export in CSV format.  I am not sure what problem you are having?

Carlson will exports points in a CSV format, it just doesn't tell you that.  Go to the "POINTS" drop down menu and click on "EXPORT TEXT/ASCII FILE".  Choose the range of points and layout format on the next 2 screens that pop up.  Then it will ask for the file name.  It defaults with a .txt extension.  Just change that to a .csv either by typing or using the drop down under file type and it will export them to a CSV file with no problems.

Retweet to Greg, that's exactly the way to go.

From memory,  i believe you can export it as a CSV.   if not,  you can simply rename the TXT or ASC file as a CSV.    during export you will have to make sure you set the file properly ie: PNEHD an it set to comma delimited  it will remember your settings once its set right.

note: if you cant see the file extensions in your file manager you will have to change the windows setting to display extensions.


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