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What other names are there for Land Surveyors around the world? For example in Spain, Europe, Japan, etc..

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  • I went to Brazil a few etoryears back and they have no name for land surveyor.

  • German: Vermessungsingenieur

    • vermessungsingenieur... wow.. how to pronounce that

  • Dutch= landmeter or topograaf

  • Malaysia=jurukur tanah
  • Estonia=maamõõtja
  • Russia=геодезист [geodezist]
    • Sri Lankan= minindoruwa (මිනින්දෝරුවා)
  • Party Chief
    here are some other translations of the word "land surveyor"

    Finnish=maa maanmittari
    Yiddish=ערד ערדמעסטער
    Arabic=مساح الأراضي
    • Allo

      In Portuguese we say "Topógrafo or Geómetra" The word "agrimensor" its a Luso-Brasilien Word.

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