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GPS surveying in Nicaragua

My company is about to send me and some crew to survey in Nicaragua, I was told it is hard to get units into the country, as well as there are only three base station for the entire country.


We will be doing forestry surveys, on a grid system, with Geoxt 6000's the hand held units. Has anyone worked there before, and can you supply me with any guidance at all.


I have been told numerous stories, but so far, I would like to hear solutions to the problems, and how others you may know worked in this region.


Thanks for all your help.



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  • I was going to us WSG 1984 World Mercator, Since thats the native Coordinate system for GPS units; and still looking in to other possibilities. 

  • What about UTM coordinates? Does Nicaragua have something comparable to OPUS?

  • So far what I will have to do is set up my own base station using a Trimble R8 and laptop at our base camp. This will allow me to correct my data to this base station later back in the office. Like i stated above i Will be looking at individual locations, and features, not a real survey with total stations and so forth. More inventory for ecology. The other thing is trying to find good uptodate base data, I have data that cover the country, but nothing I can use at a large scale, nothing pas 1:100,000. So this is the next challange I will be facing.

    I will keep you up to date as I figure this project out.

  • This should be a good one to follow...sorry no experience here...please keep us informed!

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    Interesting...just 3 base stations for Nicaragua!  Here is a paper I dug up which may or may not help, but i will look more into this, provided you can tell me the exact problems you are experiencing.

    the attached paper is called Land registration for the urban poor in Nicaragua  and somewhere in here it discusses problems related to having only 3 base stations..  We also have a brand new group forum for Nicaragua Land Surveyors which you may like to join and start a discussion related to the problems you are having.

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