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HI everyone,

I have noticed some posts asking for help like "how to do a traverse" or "I am new to something" related to very basics surveying, that made me think about who are we giving a hand and instantly recall some construction site discussions like "I have 30 years of expertise but I don't know exactly what I'm doing", this is what you get when unlicensed people recieve help on doing a job that shouldnĀ“t be doing.

Can you imagine a lawyer or a doctor (medicine) doing a job with no license?, what about licensed lawyers, doctors or engineers helping unlicensed people to do their jobs??

IĀ“m from Argentina, here you are a licensed surveyor only when you have studied and passed 5 years at the university, I also know that in the US, in some states you got to do some practice work before doing the exam, go to the university, or have an engineer degree to get the license, but the general idea is the same (professionals must be licensed to do their jobs).


Of course sharing ideas is always good, so I'm not against that at all, what I suggest is to reach a professional discussion level that will help licensed surveyors to do better their jobs, the basic aspects of surveying should be learned at the university or looked up in books.



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    They're should be an associates degree in "party chief".

  • GEO Ambassador

    You raise some valuable points here, Anuar. Ā However, here is what I can tell you about those on this network. Ā I have personally moderated the membership for the past 4 years and believe me when i tell you that if you are not a licensed professional land surveyor, a surveying student or a published author of books and manuals related to land surveying, you are simply not accepted to the network. Ā LSU has no anonymous users and the fact that all of our members are bonified land surveyors protects the integrity of the information that is shared and received. Ā If you find that a member is on here that you think shouldn't be, by all means, please let me know about it.

    Now that isn't to say that there may not be a few who have professed to be a licensed surveyor and then turn around and change their profile. Ā i can't control what people do, but over the past 4 years I have had to ban a grand total of 10 people from the network and all 10 of them were for the reasons stated above.

    Nine times out of ten, if a layman were to ask a question, the answer that they receive will be too over their head to even know what to do with it. Ā  I appreciate your concern and thank you for raising this valuable point.

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