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Dear Fellow Surveyors.

I work in a supervision consultation Engineering company and I have been recently deployed in a road project which is in the closing phases.

my previous experience was in the building construction mainly, I have adapted well through the last 8 months here.

now I have received the first As Built Transmittal for plan and profile.

what is the best way and method to fulfill this task?

a walk through explanation would be great.

Thanks in advance20180129_140357.jpg20180129_140412.jpg

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  • Land Surveyor

    Dear Friend,

    Though your role is not clear, As per my understanding you may be required to certify this document about its correctness with the construction of the highway. In that case, you need to check the following.

    1. Finished road levels match with the field levels(Some tolerance is permitted as per you country guidelines, In India it is 3mm plus or minus). you can randomly check the levels in the field with the given drawing. You may require the help of construction surveyor to identify the correct chainage and location of the point.

    2.Check all the features as shown in the drawing are really erected at the site. For example a lamp post or a sign board or any thing else.

    3. Check the correctness of the horizontal curves and vertical curves.

    In case of Interchanges check whether all the components as shown is literally present.

                                             This list can go long, however understand that basically the drawing features are really as per the ground.

    Thank you.


    A Murali babu

    • Land Surveyor

      You can use the archive of all  final check data -for approval purposes- that accumulated during construction phases and carry out field surveys to add features which were not documented in your records.

      A full record of plan-profile drawing (superimposed on contours), cross section drawings and other required records can be generated after compilation of all the as-made representative data.

  • Land Surveyor
    They'll want contours and lane striping on the road through the back of sidewalks or edge of right-of-way
  • Land Surveyor
    A full topographic map of the changes with all the utilities shown in plan view on the map and profile view on its own sheet. Pay extra care to wheelchair ramp elevations. They should have a list of requirements for their as-built needs
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