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Hi, I have this problem:
for export and import data from/to Leica TCRA 1102, I always used Leica Survey Office in windows XP.
With windows 10 this software import data but no export data. Coordinate editor unresponsive.

Is there anyone knows I recommend a free software for this operation?

Thank you very much!

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  • Party Chief

    Try this... it works for the TCRA 1105  attached is a manual which may be of help

    To export your collected data from your Leica Total Station (TCR1105) to your laptop or PC, you need to use the Leica Survey Office software and follow the following steps:

    • Open the Leica Survey Office software on your laptop or PC computer
    • Click on the Coordinate Editor icon from the Main Tools menu
    •  Open the Raw Data File “measured job”.GSI File
    •  A window will open displaying your data of your GSI file in table format, with PointID, Easting, Northing, Elevation, Code
    •  Save the data as a txt fie by going to File on the main menu and selecting Save.
    •  A Save File window will open, where you can save your file to where ever you want.
    •  Exit the Leica Survey Office software

    You will know have resulted in an ASCII text file that contains your measured coordinates for all the points in your survey. You can then use this file with almost any GIS or CAD package to import the coordinate values into point data.

    • Hi Survenatur,

      Thank you for your answer,

      but I heve not problems export data from Leica TCRA, but my problem is : import data in Leica TCRA from Coordinate Editor of Leica Survey Office, because with windows 10 64 bit, Coordinate Editor does not work. 


      • Did you find any solution to this?

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