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There is no doubt that measuring distance play a vital part in our tasks of surveying . so we should give this topic the best care.
And for my first post, I would love to present this topic..

The invention year was in 1868. Firstly there were regular measure devices which were compact and lightweight.


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Laser tape measure is a tool that uses laser light to measure distances. Distance is measured by pointing the laser light of the device at an object or endpoint. After that, a measurement will appear on an electronic screen. There are many names for laser tape measure such as electronic tape measure, a laser distance finder and a digital measuring device. All of these names are attempts to describe some of the features and uses of laser tape measure.

laser tape measure

Laser Configuration
There is a block diagram shows the way of laser tape measure use. Block diagram contains three boxes, one for each core component. The laser diode, the laser sensor and the timer circuit are three basic component . Firstly the timer measures the interval taken by the laser pulse so that the trip can be made from the diode, to the target and back to the sensor. Remember the formula being implemented is Distance is equal to Speed (of Light) times time divided by Two. Ultrasonic distance meters like laser tape measure in terms of the features but they are much less accurate and not suitable for professional applications.


How does a laser tape measure work?
The beginning of the idea of laser tape measure is based on the ground that is sent to a pulse of laser measuring tape light to the target and the reflection is detected. Time is captured that separates these two events and converted to distance. Known as laser tape measure to measure distances. Mathematically b = distance (speed x time) / 2. Speed, of course, is the speed of light is approximately 300,000 kilometers per second. Resolve distances of 1 millimeter, you should be able to measure meter intervals of th
e order of billionths of a second.


How to use a laser tape measure ?
There is a very big advantage to select a laser tape measure distances which it is very easy for laser tape measure user and can be anyone in the world to use easily and conveniently Unlike other techniques that may be difficult. Simply look through the lens to the target you want to point the laser tape laser at, match the target to the location just like looking through a sniper rifle and then click away to measure. Later using the formulas and some other reference system the project is ready to proceed. This is simple idea for laser tape measure user .

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