Hi to all,

Was there anyone who used the GNSS Emlid? Please give your views on this system, how long would it take to have a rtk reading in cm with 2 GNSS.What is the accuracy in H? Thank you to all.

Emlid GNSS

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I have this system. I actually use it with a mobile phone and an app I queue for android. It usually gets me +/- 4cm horz in RTK. Beats carrying a tape measure. Want too difficult to setup. The network through GSM was tougher.

Emlid is also recently added to Geo-matching.com. It is viewed a lot and several surveyors have already inquired about this product.

You can have a look and compare it with other GNSS Receivers from leading brands (Topcon, Trimble, Sokkia etc.)


Hi Peter,

"You can have a look and compare it with other GNSS Receivers from leading brands (Topcon, Trimble, Sokkia etc.)"

I was not able to compare RTK GPS Reach to other GNSS Receivers.Please say how to proceed with geo-matching.com site. Thanks

Hi there
I have a emlid base and rover setup on magnet field and field genius I use here in nz the accurcey is on the vertical is 4mm and on the horizontal 7 mm this is based setup over a known point
This emlid will match my sokkia grx on readings all day
On the testing the field genius works best beating magnet field and emlids own software for setting out
What I do like is the internal wifi and radio for corections
Have a look at there website emlidreach rs

Hi Duncan,

Does Magnet Field supports hardware other than topcon? Have you set it up as a generic NMEA device ?


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