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I have a client called and has no info on coordinates furnished by a Borneo Surveyor on several Parcels...looks like they are in feet (not meters) Easting on 1st one is 2,644,049 and Northing is 5,497,849

All I can find is Projection: RSO East Malaysia (Borneo)
Datum: Timbalai 1948, Brunei; E. Malaysia (Sabah Sarawak)
Ellipsoid: Everest (Sabah Sarawak)

but this doesn't work...hits way west in ocean........can anyone familiar with this area tell me what datum/projection etc would plot these coordinates in Kalimantan? thanks

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  • Maybe this helps:

    Pretty much the same thing.

    • Thanks so much..this had occurred to me but hadn't latched onto anything in print like you found....just eyeballing what he sent me on GEarth,, this looks right-have a great day!!!!

  • Hey Timothy,

    I'm not 100% sure on this but it will put your point about 70ks inland from Brunei. Use the RSO Projection of Timbalai but give it false easting of 2,000,000 and a false northing of 5,000,000. Below is a modified projection file that will work in Global Mapper. I can't confirm anything official but i believe it is common.


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