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  • Hi Hank, which calculator did you download  ? the group of five or the HP 35  ?

    • the hp 35

      • OK, I will give you the link to the manual, down load it.   It will help you a lot  then I will start telling you how to use it. I assume you have it, were it will load on your desk top. I like to show you how to use RPN that is Reverse Polish Notation. First it works like a computer more than a calculator. First learn how to do basic math first. Use the mouse like it was your finger. you can use the number key pad on your computer key board for numbers if you like. You see the ENTER key.Press in the number 100 , now press ENTER, then the next number we will use 20 key it in and press + now you will see, 120  there is no  = key unless you use the calculator in Algebraic mode. this maybe  the math you know ,but i like to teach you RPN, Now any math you do 1 ENTER 1+ display 2, 10 ENTER 4 -  display 6,  5 ENTER 4 x display 20, 6 ENTER 2 divide display  3  you will see how this works you do not need the = key, so now your math problems are shorter .  Up the left side you will see RCL key,with it  in blue is  STO,  Now,  key in 100 then press blue shift it will be a arrow pointing right and blue, then press the RCL key, but in blue you will see STO under RCL when i say press,  you must use your mouse and click on it, Remember your mouse is your finger now until you learn more. next press  A . Now the number 100 is Stored in the letter A , now when you want to recall it press RCL A and 100 will return in your display. you have the whole ABC's  26  letters to store numbers. I know you have notice two line of display this is because you have a stack , you will not find this stack in other calculators. Just try this  ENTER 1, ENTER 2, ENTER 3 now key in 4 but do not ENTER it .Now look up the calculator on the E key you will see a R with one arrow pointing down and a blue arrow pointing up. press this key and now every time you press it, it will roll these numbers down that you ENTERed this is called stack arithmetic  this calculator uses this stack for many things. next if you press the shift arrow key the blue one with the arrow pointing right and press the ENTER key this is your LASTx that you ENTERed .you will see LASTx below the ENTER key.  This is the only RPN calculator you can buy at this time. Its programming is simple to complex this can be a very powerful survey tool for you.First I will teach you how to traverse and Inverse with it with only two short programs, for polar and rectangular vice versa functions. I am going to do a Discussion on it's programming real soon. Here is the link to the manual and to let you know this calculator only cost 60 dollars for a real one to be in your hand , but learn on this one and if you like, buy you a real one.

         download this book and learn how to use this calculator ,I would still like you to download the five calculators that I gave you instructions to,  the 50g. and this survey software let me know if you need more help.


  • Thank you all for your advice

    After a discussion with my chief,
    Those two control points were established by GPS using RTK. And I would like to correct it with the geodesic points which are located at 50 km from my working area.
    How can I Process?

    Thank you billy brooks, survenator and cut fill

    • Hi Hank , Now I am more confused,   the key word here is adjustment.   Are you wanting to adjust or you wanting to convert  these coors. from local to geodetic.  But I am still confused if you retied them with the new system why do you need to convert them. Do you know how to translate points  from one system to the next and how to rotate them if needed ,Or you asking how to convert  three dimensional Cartesian coors, to latitude and longitude and height. I will give you a link  to chapter 5 that deals with this .

       this has some links to conversion calculator pages , plus  OPUS site they can help you ,plus some free programs you can download to your computer, like " invers3d.exe" ,plus other links

      Billy       this is also on the link Below.

      • hi billy,

        those coor points are not local, what i need to do is to adjust it with the correct one located at 50 km from my site. 

        after that i will add 4 control point to have in total 6 point which gona help me to calibrate the site.

  • any Cartesian coordinates can be adjusted, but unless you have specifics you can run into issues specific to adjustments outside of the basic geometry aspects of geospatial data. Projections, adjustments etc. etc.  *free *survey *software *cogo *download

    copy and paste this into a google search ===      *free *survey *software *cogo *download  

    you will see there is plenty of free cogo software...  I live in Minnesota, USA and I used to use MNCOGO for years... not sure if it still exist, but I'm sure there is something out there...

    good luck

    • HI Cut fill,  Yes i am aware of MN cogo .Also some very good complex programs for HP calculators. I featured the Mn DOT web site on HP 35s and HP 33s calculator curve programs And talk about how good the programs were and they contain more than curve programs also i have expressed how good their software page is and mention the MN Cogo32   and their other software like MN Level . I do not know if this will help Hank, I am puzzle with his ? because he talks about only two points.  I know you read the advice i gave him he has not answered me back. So  I have no way of knowing how these coors. were determine ,by TS or GPS.  Like , I  told him take care look for the reason why they are different first,  there's got to be more than two points for him to check in to. You know that there ,are a lot of things, like settings that will  affect  the out come of this coors. I have seen many times that something as simple as set to US.  feet  was changed to International feet. or vise versa  caused big problems before it was solved. WE do not have all the variables   . Like  Survenator  said, be more specific. That is the point,  I was trying  to make to Hank, thanks for your input, always.

       Billy      YES  cutfill these programs are still being used.

      MnDOT Survey Tools and Technology
      The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides its home page with links to its regional offices, bid letting, construction, future highway plans…
      • Thanks Mr. Brooks for the heads up on the MN Dot Cogo software...You are dead on with your comment...variables need clarifying...Also thanks for the link.
        MnDOT Survey Tools and Technology
        The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides its home page with links to its regional offices, bid letting, construction, future highway plans…
  • Party Chief

    Welcome to the community.  You'll need to be more specific.  coordinate station for what?

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