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Hi Guys,

I am a new survey tech and I had a recent project that I shot in Missouri state plane west, but was in the central zone. My collector only allowed me to shoot in west as it was only setup to shoot in that zone. I now have it setup to shoot in central but I have taken over 4000 shots of this project in Missouri west zone. I am wondering if someone has a fix for me to use to correct the shots that I have taken in the west zone and convert them to central zone. I have tried to use corpscon 6.0 but it seems to not work. I am starting to get under the impression that I can't fix these shots from all the research that I have done and wasted a months worth of work. This is my last resort. If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


Brent Richards

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  • After emailing Carlson on how to change the state plane coordinates in there software, I was able to fix the shots. That seemed to be the method to fix my mistake. I appreciate all of your help and time with me on this matter. This community here has been fantastic!


    Brent Richards 

  • did you ever get your data sorted?

    • Not yet.

      • ok.  cant seem to find an answer for you yet.  reaching out to my survey network....

  • I run Trimble and it as easy as changing the job properties. You should be able to do the same thing in Carlson.

    Lucky for you, Carlson is the “friendliest” software for a new guy to learn on. Great-Great software. I’m bummed it cannot be used with Trimble instruments.

    Once you’re past the overwhelming and stressful’ll find survey very easy as a field guy; the office is another story.

    Hang in there.
  • Thank you all for the input. I am overwhelmed at the responses in such a short period of time. To answer questions globally, the software that I am using is Carlson. As I knew already before I started the job, the state plane was in central, but since the collector only allowed me to shoot in west I figured that it knew my position and only allowed me to shoot in west. I now know that central was not added to the collector. My situation is that I have really no mentor at the office that I am working at and feel like I have been hacking surveys left and right. I have taken basic survey and records research at the school that I am attending. I am also currently taking advanced surveying and legal aspects. But I am still struggling with the concepts and GPS of modern survey. I am also nearly finished with a construction engineering degree but choose to do surveying because of the surveying community. The responses here have helped with that belief.

    • It seems that the biggest problem is that after I calculated a projection off the NGS benchmark, I converted all the shots but in MicroStation, the shots tend to rotate to the North. I have only used that NGS benchmark as my reference, but I have 5 other control points all along the job that I have shot in state plane west and central. I suppose what I would need now is an approach to using all these shots, like say, an average projection from all the points?

      Thanks for your responses.

      Brent Richards

  • What is your Data collector Software? If it is Trimble Access and there have been no Translations it should be as simple as selecting the correct system.  The GNSS data will defiantly move but the Robot or keyed in points may have to be dumped into CAD and moved manually.  Hopefully there are points in common.  OR go out with a new job in the correct system and measure your control points. Do at least 4, more is better spread-out evenly over the site if possible, like your setting control for Machine Control

    • I am using Carlson at the moment. Soon to switch to MAGNET. I have several control points and an NGS benchmark that I have shot over again in central and west. They are all spread out. I am supposing that I will need to find a mean average of projection of all the control points that I have shot?


    • and a word of caution: always keep the original data and backup your raw files.  just in case your translate is bad, you'll want something to go back to.  and it's always a good idea to write down what you did and how!

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