Hi Guys,

I am a new survey tech and I had a recent project that I shot in Missouri state plane west, but was in the central zone. My collector only allowed me to shoot in west as it was only setup to shoot in that zone. I now have it setup to shoot in central but I have taken over 4000 shots of this project in Missouri west zone. I am wondering if someone has a fix for me to use to correct the shots that I have taken in the west zone and convert them to central zone. I have tried to use corpscon 6.0 but it seems to not work. I am starting to get under the impression that I can't fix these shots from all the research that I have done and wasted a months worth of work. This is my last resort. If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


Brent Richards

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Assuming both sets of data match grid or ground, why not spend an hour hitting some redundant points like control from the west group. You can then use those common points to shift the west to central. Assuming no rotation is involved, you could simply tie 3 trusted points from the west data set...use one or 2 to shift and the other as a check.

You could also get a rapid static solution to use for adjustment and verification of your central data set.

I have separate files that have an NGS benchmark along my project as well as 5 control points. I used the data from the NGS benchmark alone to get a new conversion for the job. The issue is rotation. the beginning of the job looks good but then rotates North. I do however have trusted points all along the job. I am just unsure of how to use them to correct the positions.

Email it to me and I will convert it.
Thanks, Derek

I will send them to you when I am back in the office tomorrow.


I have attached 2 files. One is a set of shots done in state plane west while the other is the rest of the shots done in central. After converting, the west shots do not line up with the shots in central. the shots from the west look good but they tend to rotate to the north the more east you go. Take a look and see if you can get the same results. Thank you for your help.

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This is one of the easiest problems to have so you lucked out lol. Need to get other projections added to your controller. What brand are you using?

I am using calson. Soon we are switching to MAGNET. The collector was only setup at the time to do state plane west and only that. It is now setup to do both central and west. That is the only zones that I am working in.

MAGNET will do the conversion on the fly.

Garys idea will work if you want to handle it manually but you will loose the geodetic data of the points you adjust so it might not be the ideal fix...your controller software should be able to perform the corrections its self if you have the projections loaded. I use tds survey pro and its a relatively basic procedure but may be different in your software. I'm sure if you share you're controller brand/model and software someone on here will be able to give you the lowdown.



That sucks!

Poke through this; NGS should have a "batch convert" tool for this....


I once had to deal with this, after I explicitly told them the correct SPC system to use....

Best of Luck,

Steven W. Carper, PLS

I will look into that "batch converter" tomorrow when I am back in the office. 



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