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  • Hi Shreeram,

    This problem you are being told that the mistake is in a distance of one of the lines. But a lot of data is missing in the result's of the field data. The interior angles do add up to 720. (n - 2) x 180 degree's  where n is the number of sides (6) ,( 6-2) x 180=720. Since you know you are looking for a (1) distance mistake, a traverse must close from both directions. So if you start at POB A and BS B and FS F with your Azimuth's reversed,a closed traverse should be the same.The closing error was 10 m,with a Azimuth similar to line BC as others have told you to check this line or any similar to it first.When you get to the new C, inverse to B you will find your 10 m mistake. Continue on to A for your closure and you will see it will close better. Also your data does not show a closing Azimuth in the first calculations this may have been because it is just a problem, if that is the case. If there is more than one mistake a solution my not be found. Sometimes a Traverse has to be rerun and all data rechecked, so care must be taken to be sure of your measurements. That is what a Surveyor is, someone who is sure of his or her measurements in todays world.

  • Land Surveyor


    The line BC is most probably the error.

    Plot your work points a through f and back to a which we call a'

    Take a join(inverse) a to a' and compare the direction to your traverse

    Mine came close to BC direction but I didn't tweek the answer because I couldn't be bothered to try and re read poorly written numbers!

  • Please see the attached pdf for the findings. 

    Hope this helps 

  • Land Surveyor
    Line BC is wrong by 10.00 meters
    • Land Surveyor

      How do we determine that mistake is in that line. Can u please send me the solution

      • misclose%20findings.pdf

This reply was deleted.

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