Dear All,

              I need traverse (Open, Closed,  Link) adjustment program for Casio fx 5800P, If any body can help me it will be highly appreciate able. Other program for this calculator will be welcome.



       Senior Surveyor

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Here is the manual for this calculator and i think i have some programs on my other computer i will look into tonight for you

Casio Utilities


Casio Interface Software  (297 Kb)

FA-122 is the official Casio software. With it, you can send data from your computer to your calculator and vice versa. Of course you need an interface cable. The software can also be used to view .CAT files in a "human" form. Other features are screen captures, .CAT files edition and creation.  To send/receive .FXI programs, see the FXIWin software below.  (450 Kb)

FA-123 is an update of the FA-122 software.  (2.59 Mb)

Latest version of the Casio FX interface software.

    FXIWin Interface Software   (836 Kb)

This zip file contains the Yellow Computing FX Windows Interface editor used to create, view, print or modify programs written for the Casio Power Graphic models. Version 1.9.2.

Requires special cable (FA-123 or similar) to download or upload directly.  (13 Kb)

This is (the official) Casio FX true type font. It was originally included in FX-INTERFACE program released by Casio.

    CasForm10.rar  (172 Kb)  or  (216 Kb)

© Roy Maclean

A comprehensive Casio Format converter for g1m, cat, fxi, txt and ctf formats.

    Cat2Fxi v4.rar  (137 Kb)

© Roy Maclean

This updated program converts Cat <-> Fxi formats for the Casio Graphic calculators.

Visit Roys Website:

    Prolific PL2303  (2.22 Mb)

Serial to USB ser2pl.sys driver for interface cable.

Casio FX7400g Plus

    Casio fx-7400G PLUS Instruction Manual  (1.72 Mb)

The official instruction manual for the Casio fx-7400G PLUS in PDF format.

    InSight Ver 1.2  (Link)

A land surveying suite of software for the FX7400g+.  Requires an interface cable to install the full set of programs properly.  The website also includes access to a complete user guide to the software and other links.

     Casio FX7400G Plus Programs (Link)

A selection of 31 of my own programs  that can be uploaded to the 7400g Plus via a PC Interface cable (which can be purchased separately) andFXIWin Interface Software.

The programs include:

"Intersection by Bearings", "Intersection of Lines", "Resection", "Co-ordinate Transformation", "Chainage & Offset", "Traverse", "Bearing & Distance", "Area", "1 Point Circle Fix", "3 Point Circle Fix", "Curve", "Point to Plane" and "3D Circle Fix", "Survey" and "Levelling"

There is also a Users Manual (in pdf format) including a description of the programs, along with some examples to show how they work and should be used.

Thanks Buddy


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