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With the advanced computing power of the new smartphones, has anyone used one as a data collector? 
I would like to connect an Android phone via Bluetooth to a Leica GS15 receiver and connect to a reference network via the phone to get RTK survey grade data. 

We do a lot of survey in an areas that are sometimes fairly cumbersome to get to, the less we need to carry the better, we always have our phones with us, so if we could collect data with them it would eliminate the need to carry a separate data collector and less chance to drop an expensive piece of equipment in water/difficult terrain.

Please if you have used it let me know how far and how well it was 

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  • A few months ago we decided to ensure connection with GS15 Leica hardware and Android on our own Android software RTK PowerGPS ( )

    One of our client want to have alternative for Win Mobile controller and don't want to have only one "expensive" Leica option.
    Previous work with Leica Disto succeeded and I hope GS15 also will be easy to get the proper adaptation.

    Unfortunatelly, Leica in GS models used OWI control mode, which completely avoid the adaptation process. Of course Leica can unlock this for particular equipment but ... it is very hard and generally unprofitable.

    I've posted on our blog (here's EN translation):

    So if you want to have compatible RTK hardware, it's better to pick solutions like Kolida, South, Ruide, ComNav, Horizon instead of "top" mark equipment which have security mechanisms that the aim of which is to attach the user's to particular brand expensive products.
    RTK PowerGPS - Mobilne centrum pomiarowe na Androida
  • Okay! Thanks James.
  • No. The Leica Software that runs the controller is Windows Software. It will load on either the Win CE Leica data collector or the Win 8 Panasonic Tablet.  2  Bluetooth or com channels are needed for communication with the receiver and the RTK signal. 

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