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  • Survey instrument calibration is not only the smart thing to do, but can also be the legal thing to.  A yearly or otherwise periodic certificate of calibration is required in some places and for some projects.  Does anybody know where?

  • Calibration of instrument s is as important as bringing back such instrument back to life that will suits the job. Once an instrument calibration is properly
    performed it improve product
    Ideally a product would produce test results that
    exactly match the sample value, with no error at
    any point within the calibrated range. However, without
    calibration, an actual product may produce test
    results different from the sample value, with a
    potentially large error.
    Calibrating the product can improve this situation
    significantly. During calibration, the product is
    “taught” using the known values of Calibrators 1
    and 2 what result it should provide. The process
    eliminates the errors at these two points. The Error At Any Point has
    been reduced to zero at the calibration points,
    and the residual error at any other point within
    the operating range is within the manufacturer’s
    published linearity or accuracy specification. This's my point of view when we talk of calibration; in fact the importance of Instrument calibration can never be over emphasized.
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