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I am planning (pending the boards approval) on taking the Principals and Practices and Oregon State specific exams this coming April. I am on a budget and need some guidance as to what books you would deem absolutely essential for taking into the exam room. I've got the latest Surveyor's Reference Manual and Brown's Boundary Control & Legal Principals, and I can borrow a copy of Black's Law Dictionary. I've seen the suggested books in the reference manual but that would cost a fortune and in reading the reviews, well some say, "gotta have it" and others say, "save your money". Your help is appreciated.

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  • Here is a tip that I've been meaning to share. Did you know that you can download any book off of Google Book Search for Free?
    go in firefox and follow instructions on this page

    restart firefox and
    then go here: and search for any book you like...when you find it, download it in PDF form for free...

    Good Luck!

    you should be able to download it from can also download any book on Google books like this...
    • Yes I can!
      Yes I will!
      What a gold mine!
  • I don't have the list I was recomended for study in CA with me at the moment. I'll try to get back to you soon. Again, it was for study purposes. Our instructor highly recomended Ben Buckners' LAND SURVEYOR'S REVIEW MANUAL. Were I to proceed I would definitely take the BLM Manual and some State Law references with me. Also, (in CA) we reference a Subdivision Map Act and Professional Engineering and LS codes which are fairly reasonably priced in pamphlet form. Check with your local chapter of State Surveyor's Society if you have one available.
    • You can also down load some FGDIC standards and NOA NGS-59 from the appropriate web sites. At one time it was also necessarry to have some Geodetic to SPC tables with you in CA. Hope this helps...Best Wishes.
      • Thank you for your reply!
        I am anxiously awaiting the new 2009 Manual of Instructions for the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States
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