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Hello Everyone,

I am an assistant to a landscape architect who is looking for a suitable software to use with a Topcon Gun and TDS Ranger Data Collector with Survey Pro. He would like to find a program compatible with both Survey Pro and Microstation. Here are his thoughts:

We need a basic, simple surveying program. We are landscape architects, not surveyors, but we do some of our own field work for base information, especially for small jobs.

We use Microstation CAD, but also use AutoCAD.

We need a surveying program that will:


1)         Bring the data collector info. into a program in which we can set the labels, etc. and export into one of the CAD programs.

2)         Do basic surveying functions, like closing a traverse.

3)         We work in both 2D and 3D, so having the points in these formats would be useful.

4)         Road plans and profiles (not essential, since we can do these in our current CAD programs)


We don’t mind paying a fair price, but would prefer a reasonable site license so we can use it on office or laptop computers (say 4 seats, but relatively infrequent use.)


I have been talking with vendors and reps about Carlson, Spectra Precision, Bentley Powerdraft etc., and have compiled notes on each. However, there is no clear best choice. I have downloaded PC Survey, TDS Foresight and Spectra Survey Office. I like Spectra Survey Office, which meets all the needs, but it is not recommended by the vendor because of non-existent customer support. Carlson is my next choice, but it seems like it's more than we really need. 

What do you all think? I would really appreciate any help on this! 


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  • Topcon has a product called "Magnet Office". It works great for everything you would need. The site license is on a USB and can be interchanged between computers.
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