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You got batteries? 
These days most of us real surveyors who work both field and office have to deal with many electronic instruments and gadgets to do our work.  Most of them take batteries and most of us like to have them charged and ready for the next day out in the field.  We also want to get a good deal on rechargeable batteries without having to take out a loan to get what we need. 

In the spirit of LandSurveyorsUnited, we want to share our discoveries with other surveyors.   

I recently took the time to reseach some 3960mA 3.7V battery units that fit right into my PM3 GPS.  The research paid off and I got two batteries that are identical for about half the cost of what others have quoted me. 

I worked hard to find a good deal and I took the risk and ordered two for about the cost of one from my regular supplier.  Send me a buck and I will tell you my secret.  PayPal me at  - well worth it.    

Also I got a 3200mA battery to replace the whimpy 1300mA that came with a new cell phone.   My cost was at least half of what I would pay at WalMart, LOL for anything close to as good.    Now if I could at least find that touch screen part for that PM3 GPS and help others with DIY repair of their equipment for a fraction of the cost. 

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