Probably a dumb question - but I'm using an old dinosaur GPS setup for some of my work here: original Zephyr antenna, 5700 receiver, Trimark III for the base and a 5800 rover.

Question is:  If I swapped out my base setup with something that would pickup other GNSS systems (GLONASS, Galileo, etc) like an R8 model 3 or even a Zephyr Model 2 antenna, would I be able to receive info from those other systems even though I'm still using the 5800 rover?



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I joined a crew not too long ago that was upgrading to the R8's but retained a 5800 from the old settup to use as a rover if needed.  There were a few settings to change in the survey styles of the Trimble TSC3 data collector. It finally worked after the correct updates were installed and we had tech support on speed dial.  I'm new to speaking about this equipment but thats what i took from the situation.

Would you be able to receive GNSS as well as GPS? Yes. Would it help you at all, no. If one receiver is picking up 3000 seats and the other is only picking up 7, it only uses the 7 that are in common. If you want GNSS, upgrade one, and be aware trimble does not play nice with other third party data collectors, and use a virtual network

I think that reply answers my question.  Thank you.

If I'm understanding you, I could up grade the base and collect other GNSS if I were hooked up to a VRS?  Otherwise, no?

A stand alone base setup like you are talking about both base and rover need to be able to pick up GNSS.

You also could also use the same GNSS rover on a VRS network. Only if the VRS moint point is GNSS capable will you benefit.

Not upgrade your base if you are on a vrs just the rover.  A virtual network acts as the base, so you do not need to set one on site.  So you use your GNSS enabled receiver as a rover and it collects with Glonass and even better BeiDou which, in HI you should see.  Does trimble have coverage in HI?

Yes, our company has used the same setup before. We have a spare 5700 receiver and a Zephyr antenna and have used them when we've sent out our equipment for repair. The main thing is to have all of the settings exactly the same in the base setup as in the rover setup. Base index, frequency, etc...

If you have a R8 model 3 on the base it will broadcast the GNSS to your rover. Your rover will also need to have GNSS capable another R8 model 3. I use the same setup and it works great. Just needed to set the base setting to use the R8 and check the box for GNSS. Same with the rover and your good to go. Our base was a 5800 and 5700 just like you talked about.

Quick answer.... no...            long answer,yes   you still get the proper corrections for the base as it handles the GPS signals, you will not benefit from the additional GLONASS of Galileo signals as your rover can't see them.  You can have multiple rovers running off the one base station, so in a high production environment it could be helpful I guess.

Thanks, all, for the solid answers to this.


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