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Decided that I need to sell some of my father's left over surveying equipment in order to pay tuition. Let me know if you have any questions or would like some more photos. 

This is an Axis 3 Backpack unit Link to Buy. 

You can also find all of the items i am selling here on the Surveyor Classifieds Page

Sokkia Axis/Axis 3 GPS

The Sokkia Axis 3 is the current GIS-level GPS product from Sokkia and obtains corrections from Coast Guard beacons, WAAS and OmniStar. There is no subscription fee for beacons or WAAS, but there is for OmniStar. The subscription can be by month or year or any other time period (even �weekend� use). Accuracy varies on correction method used, but is typically sub-meter to 3 meters. For example, 0.5 meter accuracy (1.5 feet) is common with beacon corrections when located within 60 miles of a Coast Guard beacon. The Axis 3 is designed for GIS and environmental applications, which are effectively addressed by SurvCE through use of attributing on feature codes and through ESRI import and export features.

GIS/Mapping GPS back-pak SOKKIA AXIS 3, sub-meter DGPS, CONDITION: NEW

Great in canopy, New style antenna. (Optional) data collector, but can

be operated from your Laptop, IPaq, tablets, notebooks, etc. and comes

with IMap software. GIS/Mapping DGPS unit with software..NEW it sells for $3,995

Axis 3 GIS mapping backpack

Axis 3 Manuals and Guides

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