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Spectra Precision Survey Pro

Spectra Precision® Survey Pro field software provides you with a complete set of capabilities for all your survey projects. It's fast, reliable and easy to use. Transfer data from Survey Pro to your laptop or PC and manage your jobs using Spectra Precision Survey Office. Survey Pro software ships on Spectra Precision's rugged line of data collectors providing unparalleled integration, data integrity, efficiency and ease-of-use. The features and functions of Survey Pro have been developed based on feedback from surveyors like you. Each new release of this software incorporates enhancements built on your field experience.

Survey Pro software is offered in different modules so you can pick the one that works best for you today, then quickly and easily add features as you need them. You save money by getting only the software that you need for your business. As your business expands and you need more power, Survey Pro is still there for you with advanced modules readily available and easy to remotely install via electronic "unlock" codes without having to pay a premium.

Survey Pro is offered in multiple languages and on multiple data collector platforms so you can get the right tool for your business. Not only is Survey Pro easy to buy, it really is easy to use. A Surveyor's job is not easy and it takes a real professional to do it well; Survey Pro makes things clear and efficient, freeing you up to do your job. Survey Pro's vast COGO feature set is unmatched in its capabilities and is one of the reasons Survey Pro has been a top choice of surveyors for more than 20 years.

Survey Pro works with all Spectra Precision and Nikon instruments as well as multiple other manufacturers' instruments. Survey Pro is the glue that holds your business together. Of course, if you have a complete line of Spectra Precision and Nikon products, you'll find that Survey Pro’s integration with those instruments gives you that extra power and flexibility you need to compete in today’s world.

Survey Standard

  • Complete Mechanical Instrument Support
  • All data collection features
  • Basic point stakeout
  • Basic COGO including Inverses, Intersections, Manual Traverse, Area and much more
  • Basic Curve Solutions
  • All the fundamental features required to properly manage a survey job

Survey Pro

  • Everything that comes in Survey Standard plus:
    • Advanced COGO and Curve Solutions including station offsets,
    • average points, and spiral tools
    • Advanced Stakeout including offset staking, slope staking and stake to a DTM
    • Road Layout – Complete road layout and staking tool set

Survey Pro Robotic

  • Everything contained in Survey Pro plus complete Robotic instrument support:
    • Remote Control, radio configurations and automated repetitions

Survey Pro GNSS

  • Everything contained in Survey Pro plus complete GPS/GNSS instrument support
  • Extensive data collection routines with easy to use, step-by-step setup features
  • Extensive support for projections and calibrations
  • All GNSS staking routines are supported
  • Support for RTK, Network RTK, static and PPK surveys

Survey Pro Max

  • Combines Survey Pro Robotics and Survey Pro GNSS: Complete support for all instruments and all features.

For complete list of functions download the Survey Pro Functions Table.

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  • Hello Fellow Surveyors,

    I recently set up a field to finish system for a company that used Spectra software in the field and Civil 3D in the office. Spectra is very cumbersome and actually counter productive when it comes to a field to finish application. I set up .fxl files in Spectras inoffice software, a diluted down form of TBC,and installed them into both TSC3 and TSC2 data collectors. The process took several elections to accomplish one shot. The ability to see map as you topo is not conducive to field collection, it slows you down. I was hired to implement both the field and office software having worked with Survey Controller and Survey Pro. I set up the entire survey environment in Civil 3D....The field crews did not use the .fxl files....they topo'd using general commands that civil 3d recognized and then downloaded a txt file to civil 3d which processed the linework.

    In any event that is my experience with may be good for other applications but for cost savings with respect to generating linework in the field and office it is not as efficient a tool as Survey Controller. I'm sure some will disagree and some may agree....only trying to help!

    Live and Learn, Paul

  • Land Surveyor

    Does anyone know where I can download a version of Survey Pro for my Nomad that is earlier than version 4.6?  We have a 5 year old Pentax r325 nx which has the PTS III driver in it, and spectra quit including that driver in their software in release 4.6.  I have contacted Western Data Systems, who in turn said that they are trying to get info on the downloads from spectra, but spectra will not reply.  We have two Nomads with Survey Pro v4.10.1 on them, and we have been using one for GPS and one for our Topcon total station, however we are now needing to run two total stations at the same time, and are not able to use our Pentax due to spectra removing the PTS III driver from the survey pro software.  

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

This reply was deleted.

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