Hello LSU.  This is really a great forum.  I'm excited that I found it.  So, briefly, about myself.  I'm a highway engineer, but I've also done a fair bit of survey work.  Did some field work early on in my career, then went inside to design roads, then did some office surveying work with plats, and drawings, and easements, and all that fun stuff.  Then got back out to the field a bit more as a crew chief, then back in the office for more engineering, then... well you get the picture.  Bottom line is, here 18 years or so after I first drove a hub or held a rod I'm finally almost licensed as a surveyor as well as licensed as an engineer.


I passed the PS exam this past April and now I'm taking the state specific exam this October.  I didn't take them together, because I'm an idiot, and didn't realize I had to sign up for them separately... I know, yeah, I'm that guy.


Anyway, in my engineering life, I'm an admin on a board called engineerboards.com.  It's sole purpose is to help people get ready for the PE exams (and we like to have fun there too with off color jokes and stupid stuff).  But I haven't been able to find much in the way of a similar board for getting ready for the surveying exams.  So, I started one.  feel free to check it out.  http://surveyorboards.com.


Also, I started a surveyorboards.com group on this site.  Anyway, that's me.  Thanks.

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That is great, welcome aboard. Feel free to post whatever you wish.

Welcome Aboard Ryan!  We look forward to learning more from what you have to share with us!

Thanks guys.  My first thing I want to figure out is how to customize my profile page.  Mainly, I don't want the horizontal expanded menu items... I want pull downs.  I'll have to spend some time to figure that out I think.

Hello Ryan,

I have close to 300 survey exam related questions from "Cole" and "Buckner" for the FS and LS exams written out with question, calculation, illustrations and answers. I lost my website for these and would like to find a new site where they could be utilized.

Justin, been meaning to talk to you about this.

Please let me know what format, either soft or hard copy???

In any event, Rock On


My only concern would be copyright infringement but if you have documented permission, then you could post them on surveyorboards as an attachment in PDF format.

The questions in the book are copyrighted, I am the author of the answers and the work that went into them. If a million copies of the sample tests and books are out there and you clearly state that these questions are from their respective authors....and I freely share my work...How could there be a problem?

The way we've handled this type of thing on Engineerboards is that people post their solution notes, but not the actual original question.  What they do is something like the following:


In Problem 101 of the NCEES Civil Engineering PE practice exam, my solution is as follows:  and then they show their notes or solutions.


If that is what you have in mind, that's awesome.  But just speaking from experience with eb, if the original question as published in the book is included, it becomes an issue.  We've had a number of authors complain about their questions being published.  It's infuriating, since obviously we aren't profiting on it and are only trying to help others out, but people get all uppity about this stuff for whatever reason.


That said, I don't want to discourage your contribution.  I think it's wonderful that you're interested in supporting others and contributing to the site.  I just want to make sure we do it in a way where you (and I) don't get a letter from somebody's attorney.

My former site at the SurveyorResourcePage ran from 2007 to 2014, I referred it to many surveyors, both locally and internationally via this site. In that time I have not experienced what you are illustrating.


New discussion on surveyorboards.com, GLONASS vs. GPS.  Feel free to contribute and get the conversation going.  http://surveyorboards.com/topic/10348973/1/

New question posed on surveyorboards.com.  How did you or are you preparing for the fundamentals of surveying exam (FS)?


Contribute here:  http://surveyorboards.com/topic/10351089/1/


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