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Hi fellow surveyors ,
We have recently bought a new total station (Leica TS06) and started some surveys and I am trying to get hold onto a drawing software such as Autocad , etc . Can someone help me with one .

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  • Leica Geo Office is pretty good for either survey reduction and drafting and is full compatible with your TS. I think price is well bellow a 1000.

  • I’m a bit Bias, but is a great all round software that imports data from just about any format. It has all the tools to create your finished product
  • you will get various softwares it is better to purchase from

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  • I always recommend:

    If you just need the bare bones and money is a factor, I always enjoyed the reliablility and simplicity of their product.  I never learned how to pretty up their plot outs but for computation and field management, it got the job done.

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  • If you are a land surveyor, Autocad Civil 3D is extremely useful! But if you looking for a software tailored for Leica you may want to purchase N4CE ! Depending on what work you do! Only one software is not enough to do everything! C3D have a lot of useful functions for survey data processing ( creating surfaces, contour lines, volumes) . Trimble business centre is very fast in computations, nice reporting creation, vrey precise and useful in gps data processing ( base line, localisation, site calibration) !

    Leica Geo office will integrate very easy with Leica machines but not very user friendly!
  • If you are a land surveyor, check on Trimble business Center.  They have made upgrades that help it compare to AutoCAD at a lot better price.  Another one is Carlson.  Much easier and not as pricey as AutoCad

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