6 Reasons Why Land Surveyors United is Good For Any Surveying Business


1. Increase business Exposure and Let New Opportunities Find You

First and foremost, Land Surveyors United brings in customers because it connects your online presence to a living directory of other passionate and experienced land surveyors. It truly  is that simple. Why?  Because being listed in an "all surveyors" directory filled with rich media, the customers  are sure to find you. Then you can go about doing the work a surveyor should be doing and leave the marketing to someone else-namely, us. With so many surveying firms out there can you afford to leave clients finding you to hope, luck or fate?  Forget about the cold calls or listing over and over on craigslist.  No more telemarketing. No more mail blind shots. No mass emails rambling about “the dangers of flooding” or “get your property assessed for encroachments”.

2. A "Living Directory" like Land Surveyors United will Make Your Company more visible on the Web

Adding a link to your company site or merely participating in the community as your company builds your web presence, quickly. The more times your company name shows up online, the more search engines find it, index it and attach all of the valuable content on the network to it. With that said, the more your company gets found the more it gets clicked- The more it gets clicked the more search engines and thus people find it and so on.  I personally know surveyors who have been trying to get into google indexing for over a year, but then join LSU and within 3 days their company  starts to show up on the first page of local searches on Google.  I'm not saying its magic...but it is amazing!

3. Dramatically Increase links to your website

Your profile on Land Surveyors United is everything you need to boost your web presence as a surveyor.   Its a second face for your company...a placemarker on a worldwide surveyors map, a directory listing and it can help you build the networks of backlinks between preferred partners and reviews by loyal customers you need to expand your web presence. And don’t forget, on a directory the more prominent your company the more people click, the more traffic to your website and the more you get found. When you start to pull in a lot of traffic, your efforts may even get blogged about on Tweeted about, or discussed on other 3rd party sites which draws more attention to your business. One single listing on Land Surveyors United could be the first little snowball in a mighty online avalanche of search engine optimisation.  Everything that happens on LSU is For Surveyors and By Surveyors.  You are in a great camp and we are moving into the future...

4. Forget Teaching Yourself Social Media, We're learning Together

Land Surveyors United has all of the social media options you could possibly want already installed and promoting companies every minute of everyday.  We have twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube, hulu and more already doing the work of an entire social media firm,installed on your profile and working for you even while you sleep.  All you need to do is log in every once in a while and help a fellow land surveyor solve a problem and you're golden!  You're the Future!  Becoming an active participant on Land Surveyors United is the only step you need to take towards staying ahead of the competition.

5. Just Being here, We Are All Progressive Thinkers

Just take a look around....Land Surveyors United is the future. No matter how nostalgic you might be for the days of printed pamplets and phone books, there is no denying that fewer and fewer people turn to the Yellow pages to find that surveyor or land title expert. These days they go online, find a relevant web directory, have a quick look then pick up the phone, or for not-so-urgent work, they might email. It’s the same case for land surveyors. If you’re in business you need to be on the web.  If you're on the web, you need to be on Land Surveyors United....a place where experience will get you EVERYWHERE!

6.  Other Surveying Chat Websites Do Nothing for Your Company

Imagine this:  Someone goes to the internet and searches for a "land surveyor" in your area and finds links to your company leading to a land surveyor's chat forum, where the top conversations are about the Daytona 500 or the Superbowl.  What do you think they are going to do?   I for one would leave, because I would think to myself "Man, these surveyors need to get serious if they want my business."  Then they come to Land Surveyors United- a network built on integrity and experience- and decide to search for a surveyor in their area who has taken the time to help other surveyors around the world with solutions to their problems.  This is the kind of surveyor people want to hire.  And the best part about it is all of your contact information and expertise is attached to all of your valuable expertise.

Still not convinced?

Think about it like this: If you’re a surveyor who has spent countless years training and mastering a highly complex and technical discipline. You’re an intelligent and dedicated professional who’s no doubt worked hard to establish a career. Do you actually want to undersell your skills and integrity because no one is able to find your website or get in touch with you? A Land Surveyors United profile is a good idea for any surveying-related business, but for a firm where the staff have achieved such a high level of professional excellence it’d be a crime not to have one and show it off.  Inside our network, you are promoting the future of land surveying, while preserving the past.  Show us what you are made of and watch your business increase and your expertise soar into the future!


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this is great for any surveying business...very thoughtful


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