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Can someone explain to me the difference?  I'm potentially buying a R8 with 430-450 internal radio and a HPB450 with the same.  Will I be compliant with FCC?  Thanks.

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  • As long as the external radio is a Trimble as well, now there will be internal freqs set up from 0 to 5 for your channels..they have to match each other. They come with initiate freqs from the factory, and those are standard and commonly used by trucks, boats, handle radios etc. the FCC will sale you your own freqs that will isolate you from getting stepped on, causing you to loose lock/ or fix solution. If your not going to purchase from the FCC you will need to get you a radio/scanner from radio shack for about $85 that will scan freqs. You can dial your freqs in and see if you are getting noise or not....this can make a large difference in you having a productive GPS ay or not.

    If the R8 and the ext. radio are coming from the same source, then they have likely been paired. If not you will have to set them up with the utility program, that lets you look ind=side the radios.

    Hope this helps let me know if you have additional questions.

    Skip Farroiw

    • yes the system is used and is part of a working environment. The external radio and rover were originally bought together.  Not questioning whether they will work together.  I was told that 430-450 were usually Government frequencies and the 450-470 were more common in private survey companies.  I just don't want to buy something that I'm not suppose to be using.  As far as FCC 25mhz width......I don't think the external radio is compliant with that.  I'm in really rural areas and don't think I will have much trouble.  Thoughts?

      • sorry i read your question wrong...i'm almost positive the HPB450 is a 35watt ext. base radio and it is not compliant with the current FCC 25 watt new rule. Also most of the ones we use are 450-470. 

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