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Not only are land surveyors expected to hold degrees or certificates in Land Surveying Management, Surveying Technology, Geomatics, or other similar disciplines, most states and governing bodies have continuing education requirements as well. This means school is nearly always a concern for land surveyors.


Here’s where things can get complicated. Land surveying jobs often involve lots of travel, sometimes to remote locations. It’s difficult for degreed land surveyors and other surveying crew members to pursue degrees or meet their continuing education requirements when they are in the field. Fortunately, there are several online programs that are perfect for people with distance learning needs.


Everglades University - Bachelor’s in Land Surveying Management


Everglades University offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Land Surveying Management. Graduates of the program may pursue careers in both construction, and roadway work. The program is available in a classroom or wholly online. Once they have graduated, students are prepared for entry-level positions as land surveyors.


Students in the program are required to complete a total of 123 credit hours. In addition to taking basic academic courses including English, humanities, and science students take a wide array of career-relevant courses. The program is concluded with students taking a capstone course.


McKissock Learning - Land Surveying Continuing Education


As with many other fields, the land surveyor’s education does not end when they receive their degree or certificate. Instead, they must complete continuing education requirements in order to remain qualified to work in their field. In many cases, continuing education is mandated and directed by the state, regulatory bodies. Mckissock provides both correspondence and online education for land surveyors in every state.


Classes available include those covering subjects such as:



McKissock learning offers classes to groups of land surveyors or individuals may sign up on their own. Their courses are mobile friendly, and great tech support is available online.


Oklahoma State University - Surveying Technology


Oklahoma State University offers students interested in becoming land surveyors associates of applied science (AAS) in Surveying Technology. This course of study can be completed in person or online. During the two-year program they will study, Subdivision Design, Computer Aided Design, Photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, and more.


Students who select OKC may take advantage of the opportunity to become members of the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors. Successful students will be prepared for the appropriate Professional Land Surveyor’s License.


PDH Academy - Land Surveying Continuing Education


PDH Academy’s continuing education courses are accepted by the vast majority of states. They are available through correspondence study. Students may purchase textbooks or download a PDF version of the textbook. Once they have worked through the course materials, they simply use a link provided to them to take the final exam for that course. When they pass, they are provided with a certificate to print out. Courses may be purchased in bundles or one at a time. Students should strongly consider speaking with peers, reading a course reviews page, and verifying with their employer that any continuing education they are pursuing meets their needs.


Great Basin College - Land Surveying/Geomatics


Nevada-based Great Basin College has a land surveying and geomatics degree program for students. This program can be taken in person or online. Graduates completing the program will receive a Bachelors of Applied Science degree.


The program was developed in cooperation with the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors’ advisory committee. It is specifically designed for students already working in the industry who do not have the ability to attend school in person.


Students take a combination of core classes, humanities, and other academic courses so that they are critical thinking, well-rounded graduates. They are prepared to take and pass the Fundamentals of Land Surveying exam that is administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.


Before graduation, students complete a capstone course. This is where they design and execute a surveying project. This project must be completed successfully.


Although Great Basin College is a four-year institution, they do offer an Associates of Applied Science degree in this discipline as well. Graduates work in resource management, civil engineering, construction, mining, and other industries.


University of Wyoming School of Civil And Architectural Engineering - Land Surveying


The University of Wyoming offers Land Surveying as a minor in its school of Civil And Architectural Engineering program. This means that those studying for a degree in civil engineering or related fields can enhance their education by adding this as a minor. The minor can also be attached to a major in organizational leadership. The school also offers a Cadastral Surveying Certificate. Surveyors with this certificate are the only people who are authorized by the Bureau of Land Management to survey federally lands.


The school provides courses to the students through a series of pre-recorded lectures. Students also participate in weekly teleconferences. It should be noted that final exams are proctored.


The University of Wyoming has a cooperative agreement with Sheridan College. Students attending Sheridan can complete the majority of an associate's degree as distance learners. However, there are two courses that must be completed in person. This degree is fully transferable to the University of Wyoming.


Selecting an Online Program


Before making a final decision about the online course of study they will pursue, students should investigate their options thoroughly. First, they should verify that the school they are planning to attend is legitimately accredited. Beware of for-profit schools that form their own accrediting bodies. Accreditation should come from a government body. Students seeking continuing education should be certain that their state approves of the courses provided so that they are sure they will meet all requirements.




Land surveyors and future land surveyors certainly have a variety of options when it comes to distance learning. The schools listed above reflect a variety of program types and should serve to meet the needs of a variety of individuals. They also prepare students for any examination and licensing tests that they may be required to pass. Students taking these courses will be able to begin or advance careers in land surveying.

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  • Land Surveyor
    Great advise! Couldn't have said it better myself!
  • Land Surveyor

    Great article Ashley. I was thinking from the beginning about accreditation. I notice later on you point this out. It is VERY important that a person check out the course work they are beginning to make sure they don't get surprised when finally applying for the license.

    For example, you can search for ABET accreditation here. There's an OLD list on that "site that Justin doesn't like to talk about."

    And, two of those you listed won't actually give you any "Credits" toward a degree, but are good for Continuing Education.

    Thanks for the article.


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