Well, Jaime, Susan & I made it back to the warmth and safety of our Corpus Christi digs on October 3rd.This years Alaska adventure was like none other. I've lived and worked in the "Last Frontier" for almost twenty years now and this season we got to go to places I've never even heard of much less seen.We arrived at our base camp in Nome the last week of May. We could have postponed that a few weeks as there was still 3 to 4 feet of snow still standing on the ground on arrival. Norton Sound was still very much frozen over too.

Oh well, nothing to do except spend an entire day digging out "Old Blue" from her snowbound rest area. I don't think Jaime had seen snow and certainly not THIS snow since he worked in S. Dakota many years ago. After we floated the truck out on top of the snow to the road, we were pretty beat. Next day, we met with one of our regular customers, John H. of Nome Joint Utilities who needed us to survey out a 30' wide by 1300' easement for a new water line to be constructed in a few weeks. Needless to say, we spent the next few days attempting to dig out corners that I knew were there, but we just couldn't do it, at least not w/o a backhoe which is what we ended up using. Not exactly "cost effective" but boy howdy, we "Got 'er done." Jaime's first trip to Alaska was beginning to be the adventure that I promised him, but was kicking my 54 year old butt pretty hard and it was only the start of the season!!! More coming later!!! STAY TUNED BOYS & GIRLS.

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  • Awesome, I would dearly love to survey the "last frontier". What an amazing experience.
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