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Wow... Another 300+ Surveyors have joined the community since the last milestone, putting us at over 16,900+ members worldwide on Land Surveyors United!!!

We also crossed 37,000 members inside our Private Group

Land Surveyors United Community is now  18,000+ Land Surveyors Strong

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Those of you who have taken the leap from Facebook and joined our Personal Development Community for Land Surveyors, we thank you! Our land surveyor community reached a new milestone yesterday - we accepted our 16,900th member and counting. Do you realize how incredibly rare that is? ...the most rare and we thank you for being a part of it. We will definitely cross 17k members before the end of the summer!

For those who have made the small leap to our official community at we thank you. Because of you Land Surveying will NEVER DIE! It will never be replaced either. Many aspects of land surveying can never be automated without sacrifice to precision and passion. My dad's passion for helping surveyors extends beyond the grave and continuously inspires me to lift this community up, bring the members together and help them to help themselves and one another. Never influenced by advertising dollars , we are here to help each other become better surveyors and provide breadcrumbs for future surveyors to follow..

Although many continue to flock to Facebook Groups and Instagram for a quick fix, Land Surveyors United Community continues to grow. Many are starting to realize that posting photos and stories on Facebook is great for a moment but when it comes to sharing something meaningful which lasts forever and inspires future generations of land surveyors, post it to Land Surveyors United.

Our community extends in all directions. We need YOU to keep it growing! Thank you for all of your contributions and support over the years!

Add a term to the #Geoalmanac for Land Surveyors and promote your company at the same time!!!

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