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Elevations with GPS

The Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors offers a seminar titled Elevations with GPS on September 8, 2012.  This Saturday seminar will start at 9 and will last until noon.  The presenter is Phil Stevenson.

Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors

Perhaps we need to rethink the title the next time this comes up because some of what I plan to illustrate is the use of GLONASS with GPS.  Perhaps we should call this Elevations with GNSS.

We will do our best to avoid Greek letters and calculations and focus on m

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Transit of Venus



It is all about Surveyors in the old days and Astronomy to determine the observer's position on earth to view the Transit of Venus like Captain James Cook did in 1769 in Tahiti and the use of modern technology doing the same thing these days using spherical Trig and Geometry for GPS. Also to bring these facts to students at schools to attract them to our career prospects. The Transit won't apper for another 11 years.


Nick de Weger Phone & Fax +61 7 3715 6625 Hm Mob 0413 239 717 Relive the

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Dear Real-World: Meet Land Surveyors United

So much to cover in such a small space! A LOT has happened over the past couple of weeks on the network, but here are a few highlights and announcements for you to chew on over the weekend. 


~ Blog Posts/ Articles have been replaced as Surveying Stories- pull your uploaded photos and videos into a story post and tell us a tale of something spectacular! + Add a Story

~Spain Surveyors Group has a new leader! Stop by and say hello to Pedro J. Ortiz.  Be prepared to learn a lot!


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Dupont State Park boundary survey.
Robert White’s photo was featured
Dupont State Park boundary survey.