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Community Total Station and Equipment Manufacturer Questionaire

1198852529?profile=originalOn the network today we are listing a new survey created by analysts at the Royal Bank of Scotland. RBS are interested in the community's views on which equipment manufacturers you use and like/don't like and why, as well as what the most important factors are when selecting a total station, in order to get a picture of the current competitive situation amongst the main players. All responses will be anonymous and anyone who partici

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We have our Geoeye on you.

About GeoEye

GeoEye is a leading source of geospatial information and insight for decision makers and analysts who need a clear understanding of our changing world to protect lives, manage risk and optimize resources. Each day, organizations in defense and intelligence, public safety, critical infrastructure, energy and online media rely on GeoEye's imagery, tools and expertise to support important missions around the globe. Widely recognized as a pioneer in high-resolution satellite imagery, Geo

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[updated July 16] Boeing has received the first on-orbit signals from the second of 12 GPS Block IIF satellites it is building for the U.S. Air Force. GPS IIF-2, renamed Space Vehicle Number 63 (SVN-63), is functioning normally and ready to begin on-orbit maneuvers and operational testing.

After two postponements, the second  GPS Block IIF satellite launched successfully from Cape Canaveral at 2:41 a.m. EDT on July 16. GPS signals from the spacecraft payload will be turned on for test purposes in

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Going Green is a reality!

Teamed with multiple trade professionals for more than 8 months intricately our surveyor’s laid out the path to completion. Watching the woods being parted at the Brookhaven National Laboratory certainly was poignant.  However, opening the provision of expanse provided Green energy and lighting for more than 4,000 Long Island homes. I considered it a true historic moment.  A huge under taking, we utilized our Trimble robotic total stations, GNSS and conventional tools to perform like a well oile

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Land Survey Lite Software Community Review

Land Surveyors United is now working with the developers of a new program called "Land Survey Lite," which is ideal for Professional Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers who need an economical software solution. It also provides a low-cost way for Architects to communicate their data to the Engineer.

Download for Free and Submit Community Reviews
If you'd like to participate in a community review of Land Survey Lite, simply download the program for free at the bottom of this post (30 day trail), wit
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We have heard many arguments from critics over the last few years berating professional land surveyors for not holding existing fences, improvements, or other evidence of possession on the ground as the boundary lines of real property. At the same time, other critics have called for holding, as the boundary corner, iron rods, pipes or other objects merely because they exist and were found somewhere near the alleged corner. They say that the mere existence of this evidence of possession, e

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The Gap that Swallowed the Land Surveyor



The Gap that Swallowed the Land Surveyor


By Pean Cheneying, PLS


A client who was a custom home builder ordered a Standard Survey (survey without the benefit of a title policy) on a parcel composed of a fractional lot in a recorded subdivision created in the 30s. This particular client had ordered some small subdivisions in the past but they were redeveloping this existing fractional lot and building an expensive custom home on it. Many of the parcels within this particular subdivision were bei

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christopher lucas posted a blog post
The Republic of Liberia: The Role of Land Surveying in the Birth of Africa’s First Democratic Republic
The declaration of independence by the Republic of Liberia in 1847 marked a significant milestone in African history, establishing the first…
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Justin Farrow posted a blog post
Today we are introducing the first part of a massive community update for the complete reboot of Land Surveyors United Community.   In this post I will introduce you to two new maps which will help us better and more effectively unite our geospatial…
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EP189 Natalie Martinez-Vega, USACE Geospatial Center via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One

The Corps is in the house! We are back in the studio for this episode of "Surveyor Says! The NSPS Podcast" with a special guest, Natalie Martinez-Vega, Surveyor/Training Specialist from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Army Geospatial…

20 hours ago
Episode 222 - Amar Nayegandhi, CP, CMS, GISP, NASA & Badminton via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One

One of the top 5 most interesting men in the world! The guys (and Dr. Nik) were joined this week by Amar Nayegandhi. Amar grew up in Mumbai, has degrees from University of Mumbai & University of South Florida, played competitive badminton,…

christopher lucas posted a blog post
The Transit Level: Its Impact on Land Surveying Past and Present
Land surveying is a field that hinges on precision, accuracy, and the ability to measure and map the world around us. Among the many tools that have been developed to assist surveyors,…
The surveyor hub for Illinois Land Surveyors was featured
The surveyor hub for Illinois Land Surveyors was featured
christopher lucas posted a blog post
The Suez Crisis: The Role of Land Surveying and Mapping Techniques
The Suez Crisis of 1956 was not just a flashpoint in Cold War geopolitics; it was also a crucial event that underscored the importance of land surveying and mapping in both…