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Notes from Day 6 of Community Migration

A Few Important Community Announcements

If building a Global Community of Land Surveyors were simple, there would be more than one. We are now in day 6 after moving to new community platform.  Our small team is working around the clock- albeit unpaid- in our goal to get everything from the old site updated and snapped into place inside the new platform.  We want you to be able to find what you are looking for in a much simpler fashion than in the past, but we certainly need your help.  Before going further we also just wanted you to know that we appreciate those of you who have reached out helping us identify and fix abnormalities.

  Our long game is as follows:

1) We still have close to 300 pages which are being systematically worked through, updated or deleted.  This is dramatically lower than the 2,285,000+ pages we started with.   We should have all of these pages sorted before weeks end.

2) If you have been trying to enter the community from the previous location of our Mobile Rover at https://landsurveyorsunited.com/m you will have reached a missing page until now.  Several are still using bookmarks on their phone to enter the community.  By June we hope to release an app for Android and Apple in order to have quick access on your phones and tablets.   Subsequently, we are having great success with accessing the community from all devices including TVs and even several Internet enabled Data Collectors from the field.

3) You may have pages that you have bookmarked which have moved and if they are important to you and presently missing, please let us know here in Feedback about Site.  If you are having trouble logging in because you used a hotmail, outlook or windowsmail, please let Justin know at landsurveyorsunited@gmail.com     Most members do not have this problem but we have had 2 who had this problem.   When you log in please make sure your profile is up to date and change your cover profile on your profile to something which represents surveying in your location.

4) The organization of all of our hubs into categorical navigation for quick access is a task that we are approximately 70% finished with.  We do not want you to lose anything you have contributed over the years and so far, we are missing less than 0.5%.  A detailed introduction to Hubs will be released once everything is in place.  At the moment you will see the vast majority of Hubs have been updated and arranged in a fashion best for all devices but there are still several which have yet to be sorted out.  You'll also notice that Hubs have all previous forum discussions and comments but now have other features and pages that give you more control.

5) In April we will begin announcing SURVambassadors for Location Based Hubs, putting the control of those hubs in the capable hands of Local Surveyors In those Countries and States.  In order to best identify the highest contributors in each country we are asking every member to visit the About Page and Finding your location's forum and simply introduce yourself in a new discussion inside your local forum.  In fact, you can also find your country or state forum inside Hubs categorized for Introductions.  '

6) You may have noticed that your profile now has Awards section called My Community Awards.   What this is and will become is a points system which allows members to earn achievements for sharing content inside the community, supporting other surveyors with issues and contributing to discussions.   In the future these points will be capable of being traded for Equipment, Software, Community Swag and more.  You earn points everytime you engage with the community, upload photos, videos, start discussions, ect.  so they add up quickly when you are active. You also earn points by Inviting your crew to the community.

This may be enough for us all to digest for the moment but rest assure that the community is on a constant state of upgrade and we need your help finding things which need attention.  In the end, this is your community and we want you to have more control over every aspect of its existence.  If you would like to volunteer to help, send Justin a message to his profile and he be in touch very soon.   

It takes a Village...Ultimately, we need to all work together to make this community as interesting and sustainable as possible.  This is a task that we can all accomplish together.  We are all each other's missing link!   A collection of Helpful videos for Getting Started have been added here for your convenience.

There are a lot of new features to try out on the platform and we are excited to see Land Surveyors in action all around this great planet of ours.  Best of luck to all of you out there and we'll see you inside.

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