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A New Vendor Group Hub for Posting Deals, Special Promotions and Discounts has been added just for you!  Share Your Specials and We'll Share Your Post!

This new hub for vendors will allow you to run special promotions just for Land Surveyors United members.  Use this hub to post your specials and discounts by CREATING A NEW DISCUSSION inside this group.  The more information you include the higher your chance of having your post FEATURED and shared to other social media sites.

NOTE: We are beginning a process for which there exists no example to follow.  We would like for you to grow with us.  This is essentially Phase One of our upcoming Surveyor Marketplace which is integrated into the new and improved site soon to be released. Vendors who post inside this Hub will have access to the Marketplace Roadmap. By posting discussions about your specials inside this group you will be the first to know about future phases, other advertising opportunities within the community along with insights and perks.

Follow us to see when your posts are shared on our social profiles across the web.


I'll let you in on one last secret.  The quickest way to have your post boosted is to Contribute to Our Community Pool using Paypal.  If you do not use paypal you can make a donation in any amount you can afford using a card here.

Although this community exists on the web, in space, we have bills to pay, of course.  Vendors are clearly the first to make money using this platform so if you help the community, the community will serve you well- just like the real world. 

We look forward to seeing your most Creative Deals and Specials inside the Vendors Hub.  The rest of the community doesn't know about this yet, so get your first post up before the announcement to social media on Monday!

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