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Look At All We've Done Together in 2017

As a global community with absolutely no budget, we have created quite a few milestones this year and that is all because of you and your undying commitment to your industry!  But don't take my word for it...check out our annual report!

A short video about our 2017 year together


This year we grew by over 3500 members, now well over 13,000 surveyors worldwide

Our Facebook page grew by over 6000 followers- now with over 47,000 followers!

Every single month we have had over 300k page views and problems in the field are being solved every minute of every day.  I didn't do this...i just keep everything rolling.  YOU are the most important part of this community.  Without you, surveying history may have been forgotten...problems would not be solved and those new to the industry may have not known where to turn.  There are some discussions in this community with over 100k views.  There truly is no way of knowing just how many surveyors out there who have benefitted from your expertise and experience. 

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Keep are making the world better and adding decades of life to the industry every time you do.. Our resources continue to grow because of you and the future land surveyors of Planet Earth will be appreciative of your time and efforts spent growing this community's knowledgebase.

This community is merely an extension of your higher self..

Without you, there would not be over 3900 available Surveying Jobs on our crowdsourced International Surveying Jobs board.  You may not know this but over 400 surveyors found work through our jobs resources this year..Nor would we have over 5000 followers finding jobs on our Surveying Jobs page on Facebook.

Without you there would be no Survey Earth in a Day 7 (or 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1).  This year should do wonders towards quieting the so-called flat earthers among other things.  Without land surveyors, precision could not be attained. This year on the solstice, we will do it all again...remeasuring the entire planet in a single day.

Without you, we would not have the largest surveyor submitted photo library on the web.  Nor would we have the largest Surveying Video Library on the planet.  Without you none of this would be possible.  Because you share what you've learned with us, we continue to grow without borders.

And finally, without your donations to help keep this community afloat, none of this would exist.

Looking Forward to 2018

Now that I am finished with Graduate school, things are about to ramp up in a major way!  BIG Changes are promised for this year as we will be migrating all of our content to the new and improved Land Surveyors United community that my dad (Skip) and I were building when he passed away.  

You are part of the greatest community of land surveyors on earth.  There are no cultural barriers, language restrictions,   There is nothing to hold you back from becoming the best surveyor you can be.

As we move together into a new year, my hope is that we continue to share with one another all of the great history of land surveying while socially supporting one another.  There truly is no end to what we can accomplish, together.  I, for one am excited to see what we can become together in 2018.  Learn something new everyday by sharing your experiences.  May we all become higher versions of our selves this year, together.  If you have not updated your profile in a while, this would be a great time to refresh it!..

I am always here when you need me.

Best Wishes to All of You and your Families as we bring in the new year!

Justin Farrow

Land Surveyors United Creator

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