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Iphone App: Surveyors Leveling Tool


Surveyors Leveling Tool for Iphone

Surveyors Leveling Tool for iphone

If you happen to be one of those tech-savvy surveyors out there who head into the field armed with an iphone, I have new app to tell you about.  We've touched on  the near future release of a full blown mobile iphone version of Land Surveyors United before and even told you about several othersurveying related apps, but this one is exceptional.  It's called Surveyor's Leveling Tool and it could come in handy in the surveying field (provided you carry an iphone).This is an iPhone application for Surveyors that will take the site readings and "reduce" the levels real-time.  



What Surveyors Leveling Tool Does:

This application will allow Surveyors to take site readings and reduce the levels real-time in the field.  No more waiting until you get back to the office, or doing it while you're in the field.  

Surveyors Leveling Tool Iphone AppThe app is FREE, and intially comes with 25 Turning Points or IDs.  The IDs are inexpensive  "consumables" that you must purchase to record the site readings. (see this page for images and pricing).

Sites are initiated by supplying information, such as site ID, description, TBM and elevation.  You then start entering your readings:

     •  Station (STA)
     •  Backsight (BS)
     •  Instrument Height (HI)
     •  Foresight (FS)
     •  Description (Desc)

The "reduction" of each of the BS-FS readings is computed immediately.  The final reduced readings are saved in the iPhone, and can be sent by email for later printing.  

We currently do not handle multiple loops per site, but we are working on that for the next release.  We expect it to be available by the end of 2nd Quarter, 2011.

Once you have the initial readings, you can enter the Foresight (FS) readings.  The "reduction" of each Foresight reading is computed immediately.

The final reduced readings are saved on the iPhone, or sent by email for later printing.  




View Full Instructions on How to Use the Surveyors Leveling Tool

See Screenshots of the App in Action



If you download and use this app, please check back here and leave a review with some feedback on use.  Enjoy surveyors!


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Justin Farrow... Creator of Land Surveyors United and Mobile Apps for Land Surveyors

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  • GeoEducator

    consider all of the time, effort and passion you have put into this app Rolf, I'm sure surveyors will not have a problem paying the 99 cents....especially when it can save them so much time..

    thanks for the update buddy!

  • GeoEducator

    The Surveyor's Levelling Tool has been updated and is ready for download and testing.  Take a look at the following screenshots and the instructions/descriptions of them here on the site.  Then the immediate  following screenshot of the results as emailed to you after running a loop





    This is an example of the actual report that is emailed. It is a tab-delimited file that can be imported into Excel or any other program that accepts tab-delimited input. Notice the totals on the last line, indicating a valid closed loop.

    A lot of terrific improvements to this handy iphone app for land surveyors....give it a whirl and please submit feedback.


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