I ran across something unusual the other day.

I'm by no means a computer geek so I will try to explain this the best I can. I was working on an AutoCAD drawing and had the drawing minimized so it was using half of the monitor's screen area. On the other half of the screen I was viewing a survey of record available online from the County Surveyor's office as a .tiff file which is made available by way of a Java application or platform (not sure of the correct terminology here). Well anyway I walked away from my computer for a while and when I returned the screensaver had come on which was set to the aquarium (available on Windows XP). I moved the mouse to cancel out the screensaver and discovered that my drawing had closed. I tested this problem again using another version of AutoCAD with the same results. I narrowed it down to this only happening with the aquarium screensaver and a Java application must be open too.I didn't save my work but fortunately I didn't lose much.
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  • i ve liked this group so far am learning alot from your blogs. so guys keep it up
  • Sure Skip, I know you are and appreciate that. The weather here in Portland is not typical for us and we are kinda planning the holidays around that. On Christmas only one family member could make it over to our house because the snow and ice was so bad, and today (Saturday) the roads are pretty much back to normal and we are planning to do Christmas again with the rest of gang.
  • Party Chief
    no problem Gary...i was just trying to offer a little help...hope you're having a nice holiday....
  • Just thought I should clarify something here. What is happening is that AutoCAD terminates completely thus closing my drawing. Sorry for giving the wrong impression.
  • Hi Skip,

    In the task manager and by clicking on the "processes tab" I found a bunch of executable single files and by right clicking on any of them I wasn't able to find the option; "bring to front". In the "application tab" I found some items that were running and by right clicking on any of them I found the option; "bring to front". So I setup the scenario with the drawing, Java and the screensaver. After the aquarium screensaver came on my drawing had closed and I went into the task manager and couldn't fine it there either. I tried this scenario on my laptop and found that my drawing was still there sooooo I'm pretty sure it is an isolated problem and now I have found that the 3D Flower Box screensaver will also close out my drawing. Oddly enough I don't have this problem with the 3D Flying Objects screensaver.
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    a good way to see if the program is still running is to right click on the task bar at the bottom of your desktop and click "Task Manager"- check in the "processes" tab and see if it is still runing in background..then go to "applications" tab (if indeed it is still running and right click on autocad and choose "Bring to Front." This should get you back to where you were. I believe Autocad has an advanced setting that makes it auto-minimalize when not active for certain amount of time. It could also be that screensaver takes up a lot of computer juice and merely made Autocad (which is also a resource hog) no longer respond. I'm by no means a computer geek either..i've just screwed up stuff so much that i began to learn from my mstakes somewhere along the line...
    thanks for sharing
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