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How to Get a Good Job If You Have Barely Graduated

You’re on your way to a successful graduation and you’re thinking about your next step. It’s completely natural, we’ve all been there. What’s scary though is the notion of having to fight for your place in the market that’s full of your peers and newly graduated colleagues. So how can you stand out from the crowd and get a good job even though you’ve barely graduated?

Don’t put yourself in a corner

Even though you may be a major in graphic design, don’t look specifically for graphic design opportunities. It’s important to realize that in today’s world, many occupations are actually combinations of different sets of skills. If you find a perfect job opportunity, go through the application, submit your resume, but don’t stop there. Look for other employers and job positions as well. Digging yourself into a hole of waiting for a response from a single employer will get you nowhere fast. Make sure that you always think about the next step.

Spruce up your skill set

Employers these days like nothing more than to see leadership and teamwork as their employee’s skills. This means that you should attend a seminar or two, volunteer, and be involved in community projects and clubs. Not only will this help your resume and interview, but also paint a picture of a responsible and bright young mind that any employer would love to have. The wider your skill set is, the better chances you have. Soft skills are a rare commodity that many people overlook during their studies – but they are just as important as your degree.

Write a proper resume

The first thing your employer will see when they consider you is the paperwork you submitted. Your resume is just as important as your motivational letter, since those are your tickets to an actual interview. If you’re unsure about how to write these papers properly or translate it to another language, here is translation service the word point that you may want to consider. Make sure that you are honest and forward-thinking with these papers, because more often than not, employers don’t even contact a person who is disqualified from the start.

Research your employer

The worst mistake you can make as a fresh graduate is to jump the shark and take the first chance you get. This is how you end up with a job you hate and wish you never contacted the company in the first place. Make sure that you are certain that a specific employer would be someone that you can actually work with. There’s no shame in taking the first chance you get, but this is your time and energy we are talking about. Before making any commitments, be sure that you are both satisfied with one another and ready for a long-term cooperation.

Consult people around you

Even though you might not be on best terms with your family or professors, they care about you and are willing to help you. Don’t make any decisions without consulting someone else. Your own opinion is subjective and it’s easy to make a mistake because of a simple lack of experience. Try to avoid these problems by talking to someone older and wiser instead – it’s less painful than quitting and regretting your job decisions.

Prepare for the interview

Once you actually get a call and an interview invitation, it’s time to do some real homework. Your employer will appreciate if you know a few things about the company history and what their ultimate mission is. Prepare for questions about your personal motivation, why you want to work at this specific position and what makes you different than other people.

Like we’ve said before, interviewers like nothing more than a healthy combination of positivity and ambition. The best thing you can do is be yourself. If you are fit for the company, that will be enough. If not, it’s better for both parties if you didn’t pass the interview, because it will only lead you to problems down the line.

Be patient

The hardest step in looking for your first employment will be staying patient. College rarely prepares us for what’s really out there, because the market is merciless and the economy is fluctuating on a daily basis. You might find your first job fairly easily – or it might take months. There’s no shame in compromising in the end, since dream jobs are hard to come by and usually require you to sacrifice big parts of your life. Make sure that you stay positive and don’t give up your search. Your future employer is looking for someone just like you – so go and find them.

When all is said and done, being yourself, and being responsible and respectful towards everyone around you is the best thing you can do. Even if you don’t pass an interview, it’s not the end of the world. It just means that that particular position wasn’t meant for you. Keep moving forward and don’t think about passed chances. If you’re meant to be employed by someone special, it will take time and effort until you two actually meet. Until then, keep building your skill set and don’t give up trying – there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

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