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Help The Community with a Mentorship Experiment + New Toolkits

Warm welcome goes out to all of our new Surveyors in the community!   We are just 7 members away from 18,200 members worldwide!     Here are a few new additions to the community that you may not be aware of...


Surveyor Mentorship and Surveying Knowledge Exchange Project - Crew Apps for the Field

Your experience in Land Surveying is priceless to the next generation. But more importantly, it is the glue which holds your crew together.  We are trying something new as a community in order to attempt to improve inner crew communication across generations. 

Visit Mentorship

New Surveyor AppFor the Seasoned Surveyor

Seasoned Surveyor App https://go.srvyr.com/seasonedsurveyor

 Imagine a world where you only had to say something once. Imagine the removal of frustrations involved with teaching the greenhorn the basics.  If you were to add your expectations and advice to the app and then just ask the new surveyors to add the app to thier phone, they will have all of your instructions and knowledge on that phone they have a hard time putting down.




Old Surveyor AppFor Those New to Surveying

New Surveyor App: https://go.srvyr.com/newsurveyor

It is no secret that the boss doesn't understand you. You are most likely from a different generation and/or may have a different style of learning. One thing is for certain - you do not know what you are doing and that is ok. But imagine being able to save yourself the embarrassment of asking a surveying veteran a simple question about something which you are already expected to know. By asking for advice inside the New Surveyor App, you are asking ALL of the experienced surveyors in the community and crowdsourcing the answers. Not only that, you'll have the advice and expectations shared by your Party Chief so everyone is on the same page.  




Prism Surveyor Mentorship AppFor All Land Surveyors - Best of Both Worlds

Prism Education App: http://go.srvyr.com/prism

This app not only aggregates the shared advice and questions from the other 2 apps, it is packed with surveying basics, surveying articles, resources, live events and more.  Add this app to your phone to see content shared from both the New Surveyor App and the Old Surveyor App.


To add any of these apps to your phone simply type in the URL to your mobile phone browser. Then look for the button at the bottom to install a shortcut to your home screen for quick access from the field.

For Seasoned Land Surveyors

Mentorship: If you are not interested in using the app built for Seasoned Surveyors, simply fill out this form to share your advice to new surveyors in the community.

Share Advice for New Surveyors

For New Surveyors

Mentorship: If you are not interested in using the app built for New Surveyors, simply fill out this form to ask advice from seasoned surveyors in the community.

New Surveyors Ask Advice from Older Surveyors

Three New Surveying Toolkit Experiments to Explore

 In addition to the other Member Apps which are out there in the world being tested and improved through member feedback, each of these toolkits contain apps, tools and directories which will forever be in a state of progressive enhancements.  Your donations towards improving the individual apps and community tools allow us to upgrade them, enhance their features and capabilities.  View All Toolkits

Surveying Business Toolkit      

Surveying Business Toolkit

Surveying Jobs Toolkit 

Surveying Jobs Toolkit

Experimental Surveyor Training Apps

Surveying Training Toolkit


Add Your USA Surveying Company to the Directory

8767664074?profile=RESIZE_400xOne of the recent trends which seems to envelope USA Based surveying companies is becoming longer than usual waiting times to have a survey performed.  When we are more transparent about the current workload locally, they public will feel more informed and in turn, work with your time constraints.  One of the ways that we are trying to help surveying companies convey these wait times to the public is to provide a search engine optimized surveying company directory where they can create a surveying company listing which can be edited on the fly without having to edit your website or calling your webmaster.  Simply make a post here and in the post body, tell the public about your current normal wait.  When things change, simply edit your listing which you control.   There is no charge to be added to this directory...it was built to for you to use and its incredibly simple to use.   If you want to help make this better, you might consider donating toward the upcoming Real Estate Agents App which aggregates Land Surveyors Near Them for referrals and waittimes when recommending a local land surveyor.


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