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GIS Mapping For Pipeline Construction- Oil & Gas Industry l Arcengine

            Surveys are the demanding stage of the construction of the assignments. Construction survey of the pipeline for oil and gas requires expert engineering analysis, this pipeline needs accurate route survey and route selection. The GIS (geographic information system) mapping provides all types of geographical data for surveying the route. Arcengine makes sure to give the best service drafting the project most efficiently and accurately.
            Many factors are affecting the survey to be studded subsequently. While pipeline construction surveys of oil and gas there are many circumstances to go through, GIS proves the most efficient and reliable technology for accurate surveys to overcome difficult circumstances.


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GIS mapping and technology
             A Geographical information system (GIA) is designed to store multiple geographical data in one application. GIA manages, analyses, store and capture the information for the surveying the land for oil and gas. It proves to be a reliable tool to navigate regional difficulties. It is a problem-solving device with advanced technology that helps in proper decision making and also used for visualization of land data in the exact environment. Oil and gas pipeline is one of the most difficult projects to work on; Arcengine makes sure to help you in all difficulties solved in the best way possible.

            Raster and vector are two types of main data stored in GIA, this data is time saving when evaluating and re-evaluating the land for pipeline construction. GIS mapping helps in finding the topography of the land to find the right of way for oil and gas pipeline construction, geographic data and elements consist of are latitude, longitude, location, foreign pipeline, other construction, topography, demography, privately owned property, etc.
          GIC (geographic coordination system), IFC alignment, 3dimentional visuals, geospatial, plat map are few features Geographical information system(GIS) mapping consists of.

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Use of GIS mapping in the oil and gas pipeline construction survey:

The right of way or route of the pipeline is to be trench across a flat surface with a constant temperature. While survey and planning pipeline (oil and gas) right of way GIA mapping provides information about the land. Finding the right of way is a tough job in taking consideration of other geological structures creates major difficulties, some land difficulties faced while the survey is a mountain, desert, roads, localities, vegetation, huge rocks, fluctuation in temperature, etc. GIA provides this information on a single 3d map with custom removable layers of map data it makes it easy for the surveyor to survey the land in the right of way.
Surveyors need not go on the field every time to draft survey the obstacles or measurements of the land.

Advancement in the survey due to GIS / Advantages due to GIS

  • GIS simplifies workload by including all kinds of land information on one board.
  • GIS consist of technology like IFC alignment, topography/ elevation, GCS (geographic coordinate system), demography, other construction, and foreign pipeline identification can also be done.
  • In the construction of the oil and gas pipeline, GIS provides a better understanding to solve the problem of ground level.
  • Geographical information system mapping exhibits visual information of elevation as well as a plat map.
  • Underground information such as tunnels, bridge construction can also be surveyed through GIS, it proves to be reliable technology for the survey.
  • Advance information like 3d data of geography, landmarks, tower, etc is to be included in the GIA map application.
  • GIS mapping technique proves to be cost-efficient and time-saving as it provides land information in one software.
  • It helps in clear understanding and better information.

Construction and survey with GIS mapping technology, Survey Planning, and drafting of construction projects need accurate data, the information needed about obstacles, land topography, locality, water bodies, roads, latitude, elevation, demography, etc are fulfilled while surveying the land. GIS technology combines all information in one place.

Arcengine helps you in drafting the survey of the oil and gas pipeline in the most conducive way. Drafting Service efficiently provided by Arcengine are

Surveying the pipeline construction site for oil and gas has always been the basic and most important aspect in surveys that need precision in drafting to clearly depict all components of the survey. CAD drafting has been proven accurate for drafting all kinds of projects. Here at Arcengine, we make sure to provide exact drafting and information with the help of GIS tools.


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