UAV mapping technology is the best way to make full use of existing data and information resources. It is a key technology and an essential means to achieve sustainable development of marine resources and the environment. It plays a role in global change, resource surveys, environmental monitoring, and prediction. The irreplaceable role of technology. The results are mainly reflected in DOM, DLG, real-life three-dimensional and so on.

  1. UAVs do coastal monitoring

Utilizing remote sensing images of UAVs in different periods, through the integrated application of UAV remote sensing image processing technology and GIS technology, combined with human-computer interaction visual interpretation technology, the dynamic changes of coastline and wetland are monitored.

According to historical data, regional planning and other data, the comparative analysis of current and historical data is carried out to obtain the change trend and the change trajectory, and to obtain the image changes of different time-domain monitoring targets (change of the corridor, area change, functional area change, ocean Environmental conditions, etc.; Analyze the monitoring target characteristics indicators, compare the changes in the target characteristics in the time series, and analyze the change trend and change characteristics. The drone aerial survey provides support for marine surveillance monitoring and law enforcement.

  1. Island reef mapping


Utilizing the advantages of low requirements, fast response, and convenient data acquisition of the rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicles, the UAV is land surveying and monitoring and monitoring are carried out.

The island's fine three-dimensional modeling, using the ORB fixed-wing UAV for aerial photography, ground resolution of 0.05m, using smart3d for 3D modeling:

  1. UAV marine management and law enforcement

Collect legal and regulatory, marine planning, marine functional zoning, historical image data, and other materials, and extract GIS information and data production integration, and establish a vector map of historical data.

Based on GIS, historical data is compared with UAV images and vector images, and trends, differences, area changes, boundary line changes, length changes, and marine environmental conditions are analyzed to make changes in the monitoring area.

According to the results of the comparison analysis, the information of illegal violations is extracted, the illegal and illegal vector diagrams are drawn, the violation areas and behaviors are identified, and law enforcement basis and decision support are provided for marine management and law enforcement.

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