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The Revolution of Surveying with Regular Cameras Webinar

webinar_hdr.jpg?width=185Hi, this is Eric Colburn and for myself, Datumate and Colburn Strategic Partners I invite youĀ to this free webinar on theĀ Revolution of Surveying with Regular Cameras. The technology used to survey with a regular camera isĀ sometimes called close-range photogrammetry or you may have heard it called terrestrial photogrammetry. Regardless of the name, this is mapping from digital photographs for the 21st century!

Many professionalĀ land surveyo

GEO Ambassador

I recently added a new way for you to snapshot the location of your next jobsite inside the Mobile Rover, called Surveyor's Polaroid. Ā How this works is like this: Next time you are on a jobsite, fire up your mobile device and head to this page on the Mobile Rover. Ā Share your location (don't worry,it is not stored) and it will generate a simple Google Street View image of the geolocation you are presently at.

Below is a screencapture of where I was when I built and tested the app and is merely


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Hali Northcutt is now a member of Land Surveyors United - Survey Earth
26 minutes ago
christopher lucas posted a blog post
The Republic of Liberia: The Role of Land Surveying in the Birth of Africaā€™s First Democratic Republic
The declaration of independence by the Republic of Liberia in 1847 marked a significant milestone in African history, establishing the firstā€¦
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Justin Farrow posted a blog post
Today we are introducing the first part of a massive community update for the complete reboot of Land Surveyors United Community.Ā Ā  In this post I will introduce you to two new maps which will help us better and more effectively unite our geospatialā€¦
19 hours ago
EP189 Natalie Martinez-Vega, USACE Geospatial Center via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One

The Corps is in the house! We are back in the studio for this episode of "Surveyor Says! The NSPS Podcast" with a special guest, Natalie Martinez-Vega, Surveyor/Training Specialist from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Army Geospatialā€¦

21 hours ago
Episode 222 - Amar Nayegandhi, CP, CMS, GISP, NASA & Badminton via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One

One of the top 5 most interesting men in the world! The guys (and Dr. Nik) were joined this week by Amar Nayegandhi. Amar grew up in Mumbai, has degrees from University of Mumbai & University of South Florida, played competitive badminton,ā€¦

christopher lucas posted a blog post
The Transit Level: Its Impact on Land Surveying Past and Present
Land surveying is a field that hinges on precision, accuracy, and the ability to measure and map the world around us. Among the many tools that have been developed to assist surveyors,ā€¦
The surveyor hub for Illinois Land Surveyors was featured
The surveyor hub for Illinois Land Surveyors was featured