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Global Surveyors Map Updates and a Fact

Hey Everyone!

I am making some major upgrades to the communication channels here on Land Surveyors United, in preparation for the long awaited migration to the new platform.  We are almost there, just waiting on 2 final features to come out of sandbox and we'll be all be riding smoooth on the new framework.  One of the upgrades that I managed to actually get working over here on this old clunker, is a new version of the Surveyors Map (Global Member Map) which now opens in full screen, making it

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Guess the antique surveying instrument

So, one of our followers on Facebook posted the following antique surveying instrument to our page asking if anyone knew anything about it.  I thought it might be fun to ask the network if they knew anything about it, its history and who made it.  Please post anything you know about this instrument in the comments below and let's see who in the community is an instrument expert.

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christopher lucas posted a blog post
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Episode 221 - Tom Leclair, Not Your Average Businessman! via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One

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christopher lucas posted a blog post
Disneyland: The Role of Land Surveying in Walt Disney's Dream
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On July 17, 1955, Walt Disney's vision of a metropolis of nostalgia, fantasy, and futurism came to life with the grand opening of Disneyland in Anaheim, California.…
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EP188 Tom Garber - "Creating the Erie Canal" via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One

This episode of "Surveyor Says! The NSPS Podcast" previews a new documentary being filmed to capture the story behind the location, design, and construction of the Erie Canal. Our guest today is Tom Garber, owner of Third Wave Films in Long…

christopher lucas posted a blog post
The Optical Plummet: A Surveying Tool in Focus
I. Introduction
In the world of land surveying, precision is paramount. Among the myriad tools and technologies that surveyors rely on, the optical plummet stands out as a fundamental instrument that…
christopher lucas posted a blog post
Zebulon Pike’s Southwest Expedition: The Role of Land Surveying and Map Making
I. Introduction
In the early 19th century, the United States was on the brink of vast territorial expansion. The land beyond the established borders was largely…
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