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When Eagles fly

When Eagles flyA cold Decembrrr morning would find me in the Western NY Hills of Monticello. My partner and I surveying a hillside for a construction crew. Taken by a movement across the big blue sky. A brisk south easterly wind filled the sprawling wing span of a bald eagle moving it directly into our sight path. The eagle climbing higher and higher turned its circles of flight into a hypnotic trance. For a moment we just starred at this pristine natural beauty. Emmm I can still see the white tail against the dark feathers on the body steering the eagle to gain control of the winds. The white face scanning the ground. Out stretched 7 foot wings would take the eagle out of sight. My imagination followed the massive bird beyond the limits of my eye sight as I continued to work. Its moments like this, I realized, that remind me of the majesty around us everyday. This gift, this intersection of my path with this eagles path was not just coincidence. More of a confirmation. That I am on the right path in my journey. Possibly while surveying we where being surveyed that day. It seems the great outdoors always holds these moments for us. Free of charge just waiting for us to realize we can’t buy it, we can’t control it, we just need to get out into the outdoors more often. Here in the outdoors is where I belong, the more I am here the stronger I become. One day like the eagle I will stretch out my wings and fly until that day. I will visit often that day watching the eagle and the sight of its flight. Just think this was all created for us. For this I am thankful and will be all the days of my life.
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