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Survey Marks of the World

"Survey Marks of the World" is the title of Global Surveyors www.globalsurveyors.com.au, third book and we are looking for surveyors worldwide to take part.It will be a simple ebook with pictures and information about survey marks from all over the world.Would you like to be involved?Its FREE and the best part about it is that you can also FREELY promote your business.So what must I do?Send an email to scotttaylorsurveying@gmail.com registering your interest to be in the book.We will reply confirming your participation.The book will be released early in 2010 but in the mean time, we'd like to showcase the marks on our website.Therefore you have twice the opportunity to promote your business, product or website - by simply taking part.When ready, simply email us a photo and short description about the mark, its purpose and importance.This is great way of educating surveyors all around the globe by introducing them to survey marks and practices from your location in the world.We will develop another individual website for this project but in the mean time, please consider contributing towards this book and email us today at scotttaylorsurveying@gmail.comWe will give you more details later.-----------There is still time to take part in the 2 ebooks we are working on (hopefully ready by xmas) called "Surveying Tips and Tricks and Tales from the Field Bag".We still are waiting from some surveyors and people who registered their interest but haven't sent in their information.To re-cap, simply send us a word doc. with your story about surveying or a Tip, Trick, Shortcut or Advice.You can also promote your business or website or product absolutely FREE.We are hoping to distribute these books to schools and the community so please don't miss out on this.The deadline isNovember 15th 2009 for both books.Get those fingers typing.Contact me at scotttaylorsurveying@gmail.com for more info or visit our two websites. See the link on Global Surveyors http://www.globalsurveyors.com.au/Tell your colleagues, forward this message and get excited!!Share your information with Global Surveyors http://www.globalsurveyors.com.au/
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