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Next week we are going to try something new on the SurveyingJobs page for Land Surveyors who are looking for employment. We will allow a select few to broadcast live to this page and tell recruiters and companies their qualifications, places they would like to work and their experiences with land surveying.  This may be your ticket to a new employment opportunity!  Think of it as a Live Resume or Live Cover letter.

If you would like to be chosen to broadcast live you must 
1) Be a follower of the @SurveyingJobs Page (in order to be granted access to go live)
2) Comment either on THIS POST or on the event page
             and tell us the following in your comment:
             A) where you are looking to work and B) your qualifications.
We will push your broadcast to the desk of recruiters for your location so when you are preparing for your Live Broadcast....
1)  be sure to dress for the occasion and pick an interesting location to go live from..
This event is FREE but you must gain permission from the page admin to broadcast live.
Members of community will be given first preference.
We look forward to your comments, questions, ideas and of course, your Live Video Resumes
Good Luck!
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Party Chief

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