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  • I have posted on the Portugal site but have not received any responses.

    Not even sure any thing gets really posted on this site

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    Welcome Howard...

    First, we have a group for Portugal Land Surveyors which you might like to join and ask more specific questions inside that forum.

    This site has some information on Land Use in Portugal

    In 2006, a total of 71 % of continental Portugal was given over to forest and agriculture and approximately 15 % was a mixture of agriculture and natural areas. Artificial surfaces represented 3.5 % and natural vegetation 8.6 % of land cover (IGP, 2009). In spite of land use modifications, the overall distribution remains comparable to that registered in 2000. Forests and areas of natural vegetation continue to dominate land cover in continental Portugal and remain the focus of the most dynamic modifications.

    Although tracts of forest land have been converted to other uses, new forests have also been planted. Between 2000 and 2006, there was a net increase of 30 000 hectares in forest cover. In contrast, areas covered by natural vegetation declined by 27 000 hectares or 3.5 % (APA, 2009).

    Water bodies are one of the land use types which have registered the largest growth: a total of 18 000 hectares between 2000 and 2006. The increase in artificial surfaces is continuing on the upward trajectory it has been following since 1986, mostly at the expense of agriculture areas. This also contributes to the generalised and increasing trend of soil sealing. Between 2000 and 2006, this class increased by 10 %, mainly as a result of disperse urbanisation, a common trait in the Portuguese landscape.

    This document may be some help as well..Informal_note_1_v2.pdf

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