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Happy Birthday Land Surveyors United


9 Years ago today,during the absolute worst of times, my dad and I started Land Surveyors United in order to change the ways that land surveyors communicated, how they found support and the public perception of what a land surveyor does. With just 5 members and a hard drive full of knowledge base documents, we began doing what we believed to be impossible- creating a social support network for professionals who spend 90% of their time outdoors. Today, we have close to 9000 members worldwide, over 40,000 followers and most importantly, a community of surveyors who take time to help one another out, despite language and cultural barriers. Last year alone, the site helped over 300 surveyors find work. Although my dad left us last year, it is my duty to keep the community going and that is exactly what i have been doing. In just 3 weeks we launch a new and improved platform. I am excited to unveil to the world of surveyors all that the memory of my father has inspired. RIP Skip Farrow (1953-2015) You will forever be illuminated through the pages of surveying history..



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LSU's first Logo in 2007

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  • Happy birthday our forum ^^

  • Party Chief

    Happy Birthday.. i know others are busy right now, but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this community!

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