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New with my Nikon NPR 362

Hello everyoneI need your help. I am a student new with the total station. I just purchased my Nikon NPR 362, which I am not familiar yet with it and the onboard software. I need your help in connecting it to my PC and have them communicate or recognize each other. I am using Trimble Data Transfer free software and a Keyspan USB-RS232 port adapter. I have a simple AutoCAD 5 point file I would like to upload to my Nikon.What are the Step by Step procedure on connecting them together and uploading the file to the Nikon.I hope there are fellow members out there who are familiar with the Nikon and its onboard software.Thank you for taking the time.Monti
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  • Hi Montana

    We have been using a Nikon NPL-362 for a year or so now and we found the manaul to be fairly criptic and didn't offer a lot of help. For data loading we just use Windows Hyperterminal, built into XP, to do the data transfers to and from the Nikon. I had some trouble using the Trimble software and Hyperterminal fairly straightforward to use. As long as you have the data in the "Nikon coordinare format" you will have no trouble. That fornat is PtNo, Nth, East, elev,text. If you contact me at gnicklin@4survey.co.nz I will email you a pdf practice note that I prepared for this process. This note explains the data format and also has an appendix on setting up Hyperterminal.

  • Thank you for your help. The links lead to a copy of the owner's manual which I have. I wish someone out there has a Nikon NPL 362 or a NPR 362 that can help me by showing how to connect the Total Station with the PC and how to run the data transfer program. The manual does not go into the setting up of the PC and the Total station. Thanks again for taking your time to research.
  • Nikonmanual.pdf
  • i found this http://www.scribd.com/doc/14174372/Nikon-npr-362-Guide-Cyrillic but it is in Cyrillic(Russian) and needs to be translated...let me know if you need help with this..hope it helps!
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