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Middle Eastern Surveyors Day

Yesterday we celebrated South American Land Surveyors Day and with great success, a lot of content has been shared from your fellow surveyors! Today we traverse to Middle East, where our fellow surveyors will be sharing surveying stories and photos/videos inside group forums for countries in Middle East.

Welcome to day 7 of International Surveyors Week and Middle Eastern Land Surveyors Day! Let’s ignite the profession of Land Surveying in countries of Middle East by introducing yourself inside the forum of your local hub. Each group hub has a forum. Start a discussion and tell us why you love land surveying so much....share photos and videos and we’ll share your posts! Celebrate the Land Surveying Profession in countries of Middle East by sharing stories in the Land Surveyors Forums and by uploading photos of surveying in  Middle East to the network to increase public awareness.

We look forward to your stories, photos and submissions!

Tomorrow is Oceania Surveyors Day and the final day of International Surveyors Week 

Happy International Surveyors Week everyone and we appreciate your participation.! Show and tell comes next week!

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