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Unlike most of the previous years, Survey Earth in a Day happens on a workday this year.  In previous years, surveyors needed to borrow RTK equipment for the weekend, but this year, we hope everyone will participate.

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What is Survey Earth in a Day?

6th Annual Worldwide Celebration of the Land Surveying Practice, Surveying Industry and Surveyor Culture!

Join us on Tuesday June 20th @ Noon and Occupy a monument or marker and Submit a Point from YOUR LOCATION in representation of Surveyors in your continent, country, state, city or zip code! SURVEYORS ONLY! No Cellphone GPS data accepted. This is a community GNSS /RTK data collection event, exercise and experiment.

Remeasuring the Entire Planet as a Community in a Single Day, for a 6th Time!


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WHAT happens onSurvey Earth in a Day?
On the day of the solstice June 20, 2017, geospatial professionals around the world and members of Land Surveyors United (a global support network for land surveyors) will be simultaneously recording survey grade GNSS/GPS data from thousands of points around the globe, in order to promote awareness of and a better public understanding of the surveying profession. Measurements made on this day will serve as comparative data from prior events and to expand upon the database of logged points.

  • -Commemorate 5th Annual International Surveyors Week 2017 [June 18th-25]
  • Demonstrate to the public the high precision measurements which only a trained professional can produce.
  • -Gather and submit GNSS data worldwide as a global community of surveying professionals, for the 6th time.
  • -Continue to refine the models of the surface of the Earth. (must -meet specific requirements Marks/GPS Data/Equipment)
  • -Promote a demystifed system of understanding the means of measurement using satellite positioning systems.
  • 10 minute of your day might even make your services worth more in the future where you live because the public will actually know what you do.


Uniting the Land Surveyors of the World for a 6th time...

When was the last time the Earth was measured with great precision- in its entirety- by surveyors and geospatial professionals, simultaneously, during the course of a single day?Survey Earth Day 5 2016, of course. the geospatial professionals of the world will have another opportunity to re-visit this monumental first-of-its-kind event in Survey Earth in a Day 6. Thank you to all who participated last year, and welcome to you and all new registrants for the 2017 event!

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Survey Earth in a Day 6 is a great opportunity to come together once again as a global surveying community to gather data and increase public awareness of the surveying profession. It also provides a forum for teaching others about the significant contribution Survey Grade GPS is making in their lives and communities each day. Those new to GPS/GNSS and the surveying profession will have an opportunity to observe local surveyors in action and learn more about the importance of the profession.

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