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Hey Gang,

Wanted to start by wishing a Happy Suveyors Week to all of our hard working members out there here in the States and around the Globe. 

I have been working behind the scenes with Land Surveyors United for several years now and we have decided it is time for me to emerge from behind the curtain and start being a more active part of the site.  I look forward to getting to know you all in some way and am really excited about trying to share some content and bounce ideas off of all of you - the life blood of this community!  

While I am not a Surveyor by trade, it is something that has fascinated me for a long time.  Seeing the changing dynamics of the field and the ever increasing technological advancements, as well as, the old school methodology is a huge part of why I genuinely belive this is one of the most important professions out there.  Technically I come from a legal background, but please don't hold that against me - haha.  I have tried to take some of that knowledge and fold it into hopefully being a beneficial part of this operation.  We are a very small group - but we are also very passionate about what you guys do and how you do it.  

I really look forward to sharing some ideas and sparking some dialogue amongst the members and hope to give you guys some really interesting content and media along the way.  Please don't hesitate to make suggestions about what kind of things you the members would like to see going forward, whether that's the topics we delve into or how the site itself operates.  This is a site FOR Land Surveyors and we always want your feedback.

Thanks for taking the time and have a great week out in the field or in the office - whichever it is that you are helping to keep things measured properly.

Surveyors Rule when they are United!

- Chris (from the A to Zenith team)


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